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    got some tickets to see joe mande live after hearing the caliber of his material on the podcast. i cant wait to hear these great bits irl. VERY refreshing after so much alt comedy bullshit on this network
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    Really enjoying the content at trixrabbitporno.com
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    saving the podcast universe, one listener at a time
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    a movie that races to cram in every 'drama' hot-button wrapped in new-age sci-fi and expects Ashton Kutcher to pull it all off. featuring - cancer - mental institutions - incest - pedophilia - amputation - suicide - and the SINGLE MOST INSANE ALTERNATE ENDING OF ALL TIME (which, I really hope they would find a way to watch and weigh in on. It's on the bluray/dvds)
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    On the surface this movie played like a heaping pile of shit (albeit a fun one), but it's actually an amazing satire of war and propaganda that was somehow overlooked as such at the time. This would be a great movie to dig into.
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    Comedian Joe Mande joins The Boys again to talk about his new stand-up style.
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    What the shit. How are there no comments for this episode yet? It's amazing. Go listen and find yourself changed as a person.
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    So I retroactively apologize that this isn't funny*, but sometimes you gotta get seruos. My life is absolutely riddled with synchronicites that especially seem to revolve around shows like CBB and HWHB where things that are said off the cuff are affected by some kind of retrocausality from my future that influences the shows or something. They end up talking about shit that is stuff that just happened in my life and then I'm like, wtf, are we living in a computer simulation?!? I will attempt to document them. SYNC 1: I saw this amazing looking mechanical pencil last week that someone had left on the supplies cabinet and I wanted it, but the supplies Nazi wanted to hold it at her desk in case the pencil-loser returned. I told her I'd come get it Friday and she meanly squinted, "MONDAY" and then clicked her heels together, extended her palm high, and put her finger over her lip like a little mustache. She just wanted to make me wait. On Monday (my 45th b-day) she wasn't even here so I grabbed it and high-tailed out of there. It's fan-farting-tastic, except that it's .9 which is a little big for my tastes* cause like sometimes it's sharp and sometimes it's too flat depending on the topography of the thing which keeps changing as you use it (also *.) Anyway, this bad boy is mine. And yes, those crappy yellow ones are the source of all complaints about leads going back in. Most other mechanical pencils have a one way butthole, but the yellow PaperMate Sharpwriters are freaking loose in the caboose if you get my meaning. Not that there's anything wrong with that, unless you're a pencil. * like my p****.
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    Oh yeah I forgot he did say that too didn't he?
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    Your Mexican friend then turned to me, gave a sly lil' wink and said "Joe Mande the alternative comic, that is, who is making waves in the comedy podcasting world with his boisterous character work, celebrity impressions, and outrageous observations on things you and I see every day but take for granted. Don't worry, Joe Knows Things™ "Don't Worry, Joe Knows Things®©" coming soon to an audiobook discount warehouse or in the backseat of a Mercury Topaz near you, maybe on top of you, depends on where the night takes us. And how good this molly is, ammirite?"
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    As my Mexican friend said after I offered him some of my MDMA: "thank you, I am going to enjoy joe mandy".
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    To everyone wondering if it's weird listening to Joe Monday on a Tuesday episode. It is. But also very funny. This one* is definitely a MUST LISTEN. *And all episodes so far
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    Great job Dalton. Bet his new stand up style is basketball. And a NHTSA ad to boot! Now that’s the way I like to see my tax dollars spent!
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    I wanted to know what was the difference between the files that said "secret" and the ones that said "confidential."
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    How does it feel to be right about REM? IT FEELS GOOD!
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    I would really like to emphasize just how terrible of a spy Stargrove Sr is. In his brief time on screen, he manages to: blow himself up, get his team killed, get betrayed, give himself up by branding his paramour with earrings baring his family crest, and implicate his son while under mild interrogation. Apparently this super spy's plan was to send his son a care package full of candy bars, fruit preserves, and top secret floppy discs that homicidal maniacs are willing to kill for. He paints a target on his son's back and doesn't even bother to include a single note to say, "Oh, and by the way, heads up, I just endangered your life. Say 'Hi' to Cliff for me..."
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    Mark Wahlberg. Reese Witherspoon. CSI’s Gil Grissom. Orgasm Roller Coasters. And best of all....OVERACTING FOR DAYS. I can’t remember where I caught this movie a couple weeks back, but oh man. During the movie I actually asked “who made this?” Then it hit me...the trio need to skewer this.
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    I am a HUGE fan of Dalton. He fucking smolders. I wouldn't say Lazenby is the worst Bond, but I agree that Hulu documentary makes him come off as a terrible human being.
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    BOND NERD DEBATE! No way, Lazenby is clearly the WORST. He's just so dull and uninteresting in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, a movie that is otherwise pretty great (Telly Savalas as Blofeld, Diana Rigg as Tracy Bond, possibly the best Bond Girl). My favorite moments of his performance in that movie is when Bond is supposed to be doing an accent of a heraldry expert and Lazenby is dubbed by another, better, actor. And I have watched the Hulu documentary about him, which only made me dislike him more. He just came across like a egomaniacal tool, while Bonds like Dalton and Moore are Unqualified Gentlemen. Speaking of Dalton, I really enjoy him as Bond. I think Moore had so solidly established a brand of his quip-heavy, arched eyebrow charm as James Bond, the franchise needed something drastically different. Timothy Dalton brought that, with his searing sexiness and undercurrent of rage. He's, in my opinion, the closest Bond to Fleming's novels and so I definitely enjoy his performances. Craig has that anger and bitterness too, but it's more on the surface, more unleashed than the quintessentially English Agent Dalton plays him as (even though the character is of Scottish heritage and Dalton is Welsh).
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    The director, James Foley, is back at the top of Hollywood with Fifty Shades Darker, and he's being advertised to direct the third movie as well. What a weird career. This movie came out just a few years after he made the insanely good Glengarry Glen Ross, and in the very same year as this one he also directed the hilariously bad The Chamber, which was during that Hollywood period of "John Grisham barfs on a napkin and Hollywood greenlights it."
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    I've never felt like this was a bad movie, I might be totally crazy but I've always really enjoyed this film.
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