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    They should have a different song to play as a live show outro
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    I want to see HER movie about a meek abused housewife who spends a weekend in Florida visiting her sister, going to male strip clubs, banging (presumably) a stripper/ random she meets from said club and finding herself so she can go home and leave her worthless piece of shit husband and have a successful life. Also maybe trying to sleep with her brother in law? They were wayyyy to close at that art gallery. She can wear the perfume and dress he likes while serving him divorce papers! On the subject of creepy controlling husband's when they first go to Heaven doesn't LAW say her husband doesn't know she drinks / approves?
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    a collision of my two favorite podcasts—hollywood handbook and the pro version. dr. gameshow is pretty good too.
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    Could maybe save some letters and just call her 'Jo Flint' but this is cool otherwise. Also - first comment! HI MUM! Hehehhehe
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    Tom Ewell also starred with Marilyn Monroe in The Seven-Year Itch.
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    Zeno’s horse walks halfway into a bar.
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    If this movie had any balls, it would have been Mr. Scarlet in the skiff with the gun.
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    I don't see a general apathy towards Psycho compared to The Sixth Sense. That implies that everyone might prefer the latter film or be somehow dismissive of the former. Instead, I think there was much more contention about The Sixth Sense whereas most people generally agree about the place and praise for Psycho. Also, it's a much more thoroughly examined film, with countless opinions already given and gone over countless times. Heck, Psycho's has had literal do-overs of the entire film, where The Sixth Sense is reduced to a catchphrase. On my personal Letterboxd ranking, I went ahead and put Psycho above Citizen Kane. I wondered if a film would ever do that, and the way I'm making the Letterboxd list is one that relies on gut feeling right after I watched the film but before I listen to the podcast. Does it belong in the top half? Yep. In the top fourth? Yep. Above All About Eve? I guess so. And Citizen Kane? Wow. Actually, yeah. Who knew? But then Raiders came along and I have to put it on the top. I'm sure I'll have much to say about that one when the time comes. Edited to add: https://letterboxd.com/dannythewall/list/unspooled-afis-100/in case you'd like to look at my fevered mind
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    I believe it's a case of punctuation. When you're lyin' here in my arms, I'm findin' it hard to believe. We're in heaven.
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    I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name and a map with no name and a sleeping bag with no name and we brought extra water and it was named “Splashy”
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