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    Youโ€™re just amped for Cellular
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    I KNEW that and the entire film and afterwards I kept going "so when is Kim Basinger going to come back?" I have no idea why I kept trying to make Nicole Kidman into Kim Basinger
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    There's also Sukiyaki Western Django which pulls inspiration from Yojimbo and the Man With No Name trilogy, while mixing in some decent comedy.
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    You know that joke where you pour shampoo on someone's head while they're trying to get the shampoo out? What if every time the boys asked how long it's been in the show the engineers were like, "15 minutes..." "25 minutes..." like, you'd have to be careful to keep it advancing, but slightly less than true. Then release a 5 hour episode. Sweet.
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    I'd rank Johnny Guitar (1954) above all of the Westerns we've covered so far, although I'm not sure fans of the genre would even consider it a Western. Yes, it features cowboys and horses and gorgeous vistas and stagecoach robberies and bar room brawls and crooked lawmen and tense showdowns with menacing villains, but the protagonist is played by Joan Crawford and its dialog is as snappy as the best film noir and its theme is a torch song performed by Peggy Lee. All I know is, if Karina Longworth (host of You Must Remember This) and Millie De Chirico (TCM and FilmStruck programmer) and Fresh Air's Terry Gross have all independently recommended a film, it's a guaranteed classic. Here's a trailer that arguably gives away too much of the plot:
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    Nowhere were we explicitly promised a CBB 2019 Calendar, but I believe it was STRONGLY implied that one would be created. Did we submit hilarious replies, now only to find that the calendar is For Internal Use Only and not for sale/publication? Was it like a hilarious pre-Wright Brothers flying contraption and never made it off the ground? Am I looking at the wrong online stores? Please answer before it gets to be February, which is the point in each year that I have all days and dates memorized and no longer need an actual calendar.
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    You should also watch Yojimbo some time. A Fistful Of Dollars is a remake of it.
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    I just watched A Fistful of Dollars last week. I was really struck by the violence, particularly what the Baxters do at the end. So far, this is the first time I've liked Clint Eastwood in anything.
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    I don't understand how you've ever enjoyed this podcast.
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