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    ok, I'm watching the movie this very moment and planning to listen to the show on my way to work but I hope to GOD someone mentions Emma Roberts dipping her finger in the sauce, LICKING that finger and then doing it again. I screamed at the tv "DONT DO THAT!" She's a trained chef and has no problem with CONTAMINATION?!?!!?! That is the only thing to wake me up from this bland ass movie.
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    After last week's emotion-fest I bet he'll pick something upbeat like Sweeney Todd to lighten the mood.
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    Thanks so much to the hosts for emphasizing that McMurphy is his own villain. I got through an AP English course in which we also watched Cool Hand Luke and I don’t recall anyone noticing that these anti-heroes are just jerks. As a female (specifically in education) who is responsible for normal people, including young and male people, I can no longer enjoy the many, many works of art centered on demonizing women in authority without recognizing that I’m about to spend another work shift caring for people who think I’m EXACTLY that evil woman every time I tell them not to talk while I’m talking, draw on their desks or pull their dicks out. There was something in the discussion about the movie being much more sympathetic to the Nurse’s POV than the book. Now I when I see any antihero taking down a mean lady baddy, I can’t help imagining this director/writer/producer getting caught doodling or something he felt was a sign of unrecognised genius and then vowing revenge. I also can’t help thinking about (mostly) males in film abusing others, but neither can anyone else. Still love movies and some men, in spite of the poisoning of the memories. ***Glass.(using the mean lady abusing sick antiheroes connection) If you watch Glass as a nod to OFOtCN or an adaptation of “The Three Christs of Ypsilanti,” does that make it more fun? *can you gauge misogyny by opinions on the woman being killed in Jurassic World? It ranges from “B had it coming for not doing her job” to “That wasn’t her job, she didn’t deserve to die and we definitely didn’t need to see down her shirt as she was slowly tortured on two levels of the almost-dinosaur food-chain."
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    Huh. Little Italy. Momma Mia! You know you're in trouble when the Christmas Prince is a better movie. Yes, there are SOME shots in this movie of the actual Little Italy here in Toronto like when Hayden and Emma are biking around Clinton street. And the Monarch Tavern is prominently featured, which is weird because that's not Italian, yet they didn't use Bitondos or The Diplimatico which are the most well known Italian restaurants in the area. Cakebud Tranch got it right... Some of the establishing shots at the beginning, again, where Leo is riding his bike around, and where the BEST PIZZA CONTEST is held, are from the Distillery District here in Toronto, which is literally on the other side of city. Like SO FAR from Little Italy itself. Toronto's Little Italy is frankly unremarkable -- and I can say that because I lived in that neighbourhood for 6 years. I WISH the Little Italy here was as good as in the movie. It's like shooting a scene in the Upper East Side of New York and calling it Little Italy. For people that live here that's annoying. And the whole airport security line stopped and watched the entire proclamation of love scene. Annoying. Side story: my sister-in-law and 3 year old niece were wandering around Little Italy (where they now live in my old apartment) and came across the set for Vince's pizza shop. They got super excited about there being a new pizza shop in the area. They even sat down at one of the outdoor tables waiting to get served, until they realized after a few minutes that the "staff" was just hanging out looking a little despondent and bored. That's when it dawned on her that it was a movie set. And no one told them to move! She happened to be at my house when I was watching the movie for this podcast and she lost her mind when she saw the external shot of the restaurant. She made me pause the movie to tell me the story! Also that pizza they eat straight out of the pizza oven on their date would be too hot to casually hold and eat right away. But they just manga right into it! Thanks for a fun listen P,J and J!
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    I’m no immigration lawyer, but after visiting https://visas-immigration.service.gov.uk I am shockingly finding some problems with the setup to this movie. Jane Seymour tells Emma Roberts that she has to go back to Canada to get her visa changed from a student visa to a work visa. From what I could tell, it seems like this is a process that can actually be done online. But even if she did need to go back to get some personal documents, the one thing that I did see as a requirement to get a work visa is that you have to have a clear job offer. But Emma doesn’t have that yet. All she’s been told is that is in the running with the other guy and Jane Seymour will decide based on the menus they create. And given the WordPerfect menu that we see Emma creating, I’m guessing she wouldn’t have been chosen, which means this whole effort would be for nothing.
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    So, I tried to count and there’s conservatively 20 lamps on the rooftop. There’s a Walmart near there, so I’m assuming that’s his lamp dealer. They have a bunch of bundled lamp sets (3 lamps in a set) for $50. That would put his lamp budget at around $350. I’m going to assume it’s a monthly cost as rain exists and it’s a safe bet that he doesn’t move them inside (they would be tripping over lamps all the time). That doesn’t include his extension cord, light bulb, or decorative ladder budget or any fees for filling the dumpster with lamps.
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    So not being Italian, nor Indian, I didn't have a great barometer for what was really just beyond the line of stereotype (obviously I can still see the stink of problematic characterizations from a mile away lol), but as a queer girl I was heavily bothered by the fact that once Luigi meets the one other gay man in this whole movie, who's also just flamboyant af, they immediately fall in love. Because apparently no other gay, bi, or pan men exist in this entire area so Luigi just hears his voice and is like OMG A GAY DUDE and that's it they're both kissing at that wedding in the final scene. Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool no doubt no doubt.
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    Were they trying to see which pizza was most authentic Neapolitan Margherita pizza? Or just the best tasting pizza? I genuinely don't remember. There is a genuine association for judging if a pizza is authentic enough and I assume the judges here aren't members.
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    So glad to see Pizza My Heart get mentioned. But then, I just discovered A Tale Of Two Pizzas, released two years prior to that movie!
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    The marquee (without me) The sign boards (Notice one of the wedding pictures in the bottom right of the first picture. That is taken in front of the Conservatory at Rockwood Mansion. The mansion grounds are often used for wedding pictures and the Conservatory looks good as a background with its green and yellowish color scheme.) The set
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    Can we talk for a moment about the weekly 'fight' between the two fathers at Luigi's? They establish repeatedly in the film that Sal and Vince seemingly cannot stand the sight of each other anymore and yet they supposedly have arranged to both come into Luigi's at the same time every Monday so they can verbally abuse each other. Meanwhile, the rest of the bar bets on their fight with the 'loser' being determined by which of the two of them stands up first. As dumb as all of that is, in the one instance where we actually witness said fight, one of the two fathers stands up and the other stands up immediately in response. Luigi calls this a 'tie' but they did not get up at exactly the same time. But if you argue that they got up relatively close to one another to be considered a tie, then how would it not be a tie every time they do this? I cannot see many instances where one of them would get so incensed that they would rise out of their seat and the other would calmly remain seated.
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    Paul mentioned the movie The Experts, and I just want to say that I, too, had a strange fascination with that movie when I was young. I watched it way too many times. It is definitely worthy of an episode, and you have the perfect recipe right in front of you ... The Experts, about two hapless entrepreneurs opening up a night club.... with Marcus Lemonis! Please!!!
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    So I don't know how to say this because I feel like I'm going to be going into stereotypes but I'm going to try. So when Luigi says he became Luigi because Of Luigi (henceforth known as Mario for clarity sake) took him in because he was gay and everyone was very accepting in Little Italy. Which is Great! However in my experience with (some not all) Italian American men there is a deep seeded culture of toxic masculinity. Like big time. Machismo is a big deal. I'm not saying that it's impossible for Mario to embrace Luigi just that I feel like he probably would have had some issues unless he was closeted at work. Not that people would be like.... Violent. I've just experienced how oddly uncomfortable a certain type gets when coming in contact with anything they seem feminine or queer. They try to over assert their masculinity as if being gay somehow makes you less manly and by being the ULTRA man you could never possibly be taken as one? It's incomprehensible frankly.
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    I'm not Italian, but I am Indian and I get to be offended by this movie too! Fun for all!
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    Not sure how many people noticed, but when Emma Roberts first returns to her folks' pizza shop, there's a male customer whose pizza her dad turns on its side when he gets insulted. Emma Roberts makes a point to call the customer by his name, Mr. Puzo. His shirt is embroidered "Mario." Mario Puzo is the famous author of The Godfather. It had to be intentional, and you know the screenwriters felt reeeally good about slipping it in.
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    Ok so I'm not really that Italian. My great grandmother is from Naples and I have a VAST array of second, third, fourth + cousins on my grandfather's side (actually on my grandma's side as well. Kentucky hillbillies also breed big extensive families). But outside of my great grandmother 's sauce recipe that sadly died with my grandma (truly a a horrific tragedy) and birthday cassata cakes we were pretty much like everyone else which I suspect is the case for most people outside of major cities and close knit cultural groups. So I'm not really qualified to say that this couldn't be someone's experience.... Maybe. In a racist fever dream... But honestly the only Italian moment for ME was when one of the mom's screams "MANGIA!" which means eat. My great grandmother used to apparently yell at my great grandpa Joe. " Mangia! Mangia! C'mon Joe! " To finish whatever food was left and it's something we often say at family dinners. So that was nice. That's honestly they only moment that felt authentic to me. Oh and the lamenting about waiting to die by the grandma... But that's just something a certain kind of grandparent does.
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    I just described this movie to my coworker and he said he had actually already seen this exact movie on TV and then he sent me the IMDB link and holy shit y'all, this movie has literally already been covered 13 years before Canada decided to do it. I present to y'all - Pizza My Heart
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    But the real question is... did your cousin marry their 2nd Step Cousin?
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    Did anyone else notice this dialogue in the opening voice over: Hayden Christensen: They call my dad the don on dough. Emma Roberts: The don? That is stuck a stereotype! Is that where they drew the line on stereotypes?
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    Paul and Jason made the claim at the end of the show that the movie wasn't filmed in Toronto, however it actually was. https://onlocationvacations.com/2017/05/30/little-italy-starring-emma-roberts-spotted-filming-toronto There's also a comprehensive guide online to visit all of the locations that they filmed at: https://www.narcity.com/ca/on/toronto/lifestyle/you-can-visit-all-the-toronto-spots-in-emma-roberts-and-hayden-christensens-latest-movie-little-italy
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    I know they talked about how they thought the two leads appeared to possibly be siblings. However, they didn't mention how, by the end of the movie, their grandparents are married. Which makes them step-cousins? Or something? I don't know. It's weird that they're in a relationship and their grandparents are married.
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    I should point out that I am a huge fan of the original musical, so I had really mixed feelings about this. The stage version never places the two actors onstage at the same time, or if they are, they're never looking at each other, because of the time conceit. This one puts them in the scene together at all times, which is understandable in many ways but also really undermines the concept. The only time the two look at each other in the stage musical is in the middle of 'Next Ten Minutes', which becomes a hugely heartbreaking moment because you know what's to come. There's no way to make this movie without the two in the scenes together, but I was so frustrated by the blurring of the lines that it just didn't work for me. Also, I think JJ is a smug pile of crap in everything he's in (sorry Sara) so I hated him on sight. Anna Kendrick is the only reason I actually watched this 2.5 times this week...
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    After I got into BREAKING BAD, I decided to check out what else showrunner Vince Gilligan had on his resume. He has written 2 batshit features: HOME FRIES and WILDER NAPALM. Both of them try to balance extremely dark stuff with quirky romantic comedy, and they both just come off like schizo experiments gone awry. Have any of you folks seen these things? It looks like they're both currently up in full on Youtube. Home Fries: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNtVCXLsvBE Wilder Napalm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1UUyL1k4qk
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