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    Great Musical, I really enjoyed it a lot. The Cast and The Band were on point... The Opening song (Prologue "We Might Play all Night") was one of my favourites and I hope it was longer. About what was said before... I feel I can't really say if Spike Lee significantly help on improving the overall quality of the show but I did enjoyed learning ( when I whatched the credits ) that the D.P. or cinematographer was Matthew Libatique who I love since Requiem For A Dream up to the recent A Star Is Born. IMHO I want to give credit to Matty for doing his thing, because I feel his work showed and he helped capture a lot of key moments in the best way possible. Also both Stew (The Narrator) and Youth wear the same red Converse Chuck Taylor's All-Star Shoes If anyone here is interested... Someone uploaded the entire Tony Awards from 2008 to YouTube. That Year Passing Strange was nominated... Their performance starts at the 22min:38sec mark https://youtu.be/d5YUhlHRF7o
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    Hearing Jason scream" Fuckkkk You! " at Harry Potter has changed me as a person. I think this movie turned him into a Deatheater. Frankly I don't blame him.
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    I believe I am the next pick and now may have to rethink everything!
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    Was Jason a big fan of the HP movies? I thought he listened to the audiobooks? Anyway, I've weirded myself out that I guessed who the guest was last week. I'm concerned that I know more about Daniel than I thought I did. Can I be unintentionally stalking him? What does that say about me? Am I okay? Should I lay down? So far my big take away is that I like Erin Darke.
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    My boyfriend and i have been watching and listening to Stephen and Conan since the start of our relationship. This episode was deep, rich, and hilarious. Satisfaction like a scotch in a snowstorm, ir the feeling of finally coming home. I laughed. I cried. I felt it in my bones.
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    I didn't know that about Matthew Libatique. I loved Requiem for a Dream. Didn't care for A Star is Born but that's not his fault. I'll have to check out his other movies.
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    Agreed wholeheartedly about Buster Scruggs. Also, dismissing a Coen movie upon first glance has tended to not hold up well over time (unless you're talking about The Ladykillers).
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    Glad to see John Cusack do absolutely zero accent in this film while wearing Corey Feldman's wig from The Lost Boys. Also, Jackie Chan is a fucking machine, the dude is 60 in this film and can still put on amazing fight scenes and great stunts. Lastly, I'm 35 minutes in and I have no fucking idea what this movie is about.
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    That number includes everything from big studio movies to smaller indie features and documentaries, many of which played only brief theatrical runs since under Academy rules, a feature-length motion picture qualifies if it has a running time of more than 40 minutes, is exhibited theatrically on 35mm or 70mm film or in a qualifying digital format and opens in a commercial motion picture theater in Los Angeles County by Dec. 31 and completes a minimum run of seven consecutive days. here's a list of the 347 movies that were qualified this year https://www.oscars.org/sites/oscars/files/91st_reminder_list.pdf
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    i'm def gonna write those suggestions down thanks! now excuse me while i go watch Dragon Blade instead of anything cool or good
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    Anyway, on to some of the commentary (and even if we disagree sometimes, I still loved the discussion, Amy and Paul!): -While I agree on some points about BlacKkKlansman not really being the best Spike Lee movie, I do think the commentary about its faults was missing the mark a bit. The juxtaposition of "triumphant" and "depressing" scenes seems intentional to me, not a mistake. Spike is making a point about how victories over America's racial struggles aren't total. There's always more to overcome. -Similarly, I thought the criticism of If Beale Street Could Talk for being "too beautiful" was missing what Jenkins was going for. The James Baldwin book is telling what is, at root, a pretty depressing story. The visual style is counterpoint, to demonstrate that there is STILL beauty in these people and their struggle (and I think it's also an attempt to translate Baldwin's poetic prose into a visual format). None of these filmmakers are putting American race relations into a little box for us, and I like that! The issue is multifaceted! -I kind of agree with the criticism of Hereditary and the final act not going to the interesting place I hoped it would. Honestly, I felt the same about Mandy. Some of this might just be me. I've found that there are an increasing number of critics who will heavily praise the latest horror movie effort for showing some style and really "fucking you up" emotionally, as an end unto itself. I tend to be disappointed if it doesn't seem like all of that stylish horror was in service of something else at the end. I think there is a "horror movie gene" that I wasn't born with that causes me to demand more out of entries in this genre. -My favorite of the year was Roma, but of the group discussed here my faves are First Reformed and Eighth Grade, so I'm glad both of those were appreciated by both hosts!
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    It wasn't that it wasn't enjoyable, it was just a lot of films I wasn't prepared to hear about. I prefer listening to them talk when I can watch the film first and then it feels like I'm involved. It's not always necessary for dumb crap on How Did This Get Made, but for Unspooled-style talks, I would prefer to watch in advance. For a list that long, it just wasn't possible. Also again, the conceit of Unspooled is talking about 1 movie at a time; bumping it up to 20 feels excessive. But I get that these are total side eps, so I'm not complaining, but it's just I'm more attracted to singular or more focused discussions. That said: I was going to ask the same. Give me some good recs so I can go check them out. I can keep up with blockbusters and whatnot, but I do feel like I'm missing out on the smaller quality films a lot. Even today's metacritic list was fairly mainstream stuff. What's outside that in the world of cinema that is worth it?
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    And I say if I have to go that deep to find something American about it, it is NOT AMERICAN! (Which has nothing to do with how good it is, but if The Third Man got knocked off the AFI list . . .)
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    The fact that Mary Poppins Returns made that list and Sorry to Bother You didn't really pisses me off.
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    Yeah, I cried at the gym while listening to this. The HIIT endorphins were no match for Coco's and Colbert's sincerity.
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    Check out the movie poster. Actors faces photo shopped onto different bodies always cracks me up.
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    I think the last one they did was Beautiful Creatures, but yeah, for all intents and purposes, I think it’s mostly live now. From what I understand, and I can’t remember where I heard/read this so please take it with a grain of salt, their schedules are often too busy to get everyone in the studio. It’s easier for them to schedule one night and knock out two episodes (essentially a month’s worth of HDTGM) than try to get together every two weeks for only one episode. Of course, they could always just record a few episodes while in-studio, but I think they like the energy of a live audience. I get that a lot of people prefer studio eps, but I think it’s a natural consequence of their rising careers. I’m happy that they’re doing well. I think what amazes me is just how reliable they are. There was a time around Monkey Shines where their episodes would be WEEKS late. Granted, I think that was around the time June and Paul had their first child, but since that time, they’ve been remarkably on schedule. The fact that you can count on a new episode dropping every two weeks is absolutely amazing!
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