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    I’m not necessarily saying the movies/filmmakers I’m about to mention belong on the list, but I do feel like animation is getting the short end of the stick as far as how they’re judged. Looking through the 400 nominated films, only 9 are animated - 7 of those are Disney. This feels unnecessarily limited and I keep thinking of overlooked examples. I know Nightmare Before Christmas and Don Bluth were mentioned already, but what about Charlie Brown, Fritz the Cat, or Rankin & Bass? These aren’t award-winning juggernauts, but they have definitely stood the test of time as being part of shared American culture. Austin Powers and There’s Something About Mary made the cut, so it’s not like we’re required to stay classy. In going through the list, I was also surprised to see Waking Life and Scanner Darkly were not included - I’ve only seen the latter, but I feel like that was impressive enough technically to warrant a seat at the table. Finally, what I think is making me feel so unsatisfied with the lack of animation on this list is that one criteria that can feel so limiting, which is they have to be American films. That’s a whole other discussion, but just to play devil’s advocate, what would this list look like if Wallace & Gromit or Miyazaki were part of the conversation? I’m sure there are dozens of other examples I’m unfamiliar with, but those loom so large in my mind. Is it just me, or so animated films have to do it backwards and in high heels?
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    And here's the official discussion thread for all things "Us." Including those ginormous spoilers that left many of us with more questions than answers. Please try not to spoil other movies within a month of being out in theaters as someone might have seen "Us," but not "Captain Marvel." Also please respect everyone's opinions on the movie! Have at it and let's hope you don't piss off your tether in the process!
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    You are right... Jammer then me that was the order
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    I think it’s: Jammer announces on the 15th to be discussed on the 22nd. Then you announce on the 29th and we discuss the 5th. Please feel free to double check that. Going off memory right now
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    Yeah there's a big split between the studios and the original creators of the franchise. The series was basically dead after the overly campy Seed of Chucky, so the next film was relegated to straight to DVD, and the original team was brought back in to what they wanted with it. Then when Curse of Chucky came out it was a surprise hit with critics and fans as it was a back to basics horror film which led to the even better Cult of Chucky, which got a similar response. So the studio saw that success and with all of the horror remakes deced to strike while the iron was hot and make this film, without anyone from that team, while they are continuing the story from the last two films in a TV series that's currently being worked on. I'm still hoping the reboot is a good movie, but it's already been put in an uphill battle of sorts.
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    The Secret is also available for free to stream on hoopla which is a streaming services some libraries use. So, potentially no need to embarrass yourself face to face by borrowing this.
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    I’m always so glad when the gang’s all here!
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    Yooo! I'm still too busy with life to keep up proper, but I wanted to share that I finally got off my lazy bum (I mean... not really, I'm in a chair) and updated my Musical Mondays spreadsheet so it's current! ~Click Here~ I couldn't find the thread where tomspanks picked Flower Drum Song (if there is one), but everything else is there. I'll be back in next round for my turn. I think I'll have time and I have an idea of what I want to pick.
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    Good news, everybody! I own the Judy Garland one, so lmk if anyone wants me to rabbit it for them later.
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    The happy squeal that came out of me right now! I've wanted to see this version for forever. Can't wait! Also welcome back!
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    If I know this group we're all gonna end up watching every version anyway lol.
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    Shots fired. You rolled a 4 on the dexterity check sorry, that's not gonna cut it, Elvish or not you just got a side of McG to the FACE HOLE, SON
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    Good news everyone! I am out of the hospital!
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