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    I was confused as to why Mary Lou Maloney was in the "W" section of the yearbook.
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    This week's movie, Shanghai Surprise, is on Vudu and Tubi, both with ads, for free.
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    Oof, yeah, forgot about that. Point taken. It's interesting that I mostly glossed over that homophobia, but I was way less forgiving of the way Sandy was treated. I understand why Michael wouldn't want to tell her that he tried out for the same part as her as Dorothy, but if he's such a brilliant improvisational actor (as he proves time and time again as Dorothy), why can't he riff a better explanation for why his clothes are off other than that he wants to bang her? For one thing, why is stripping in your good friend's room while she's in the shower an acceptable way to handle romantic feelings? For another thing, if they're actually friends who have known each other for 6 years, is Sandy really going to fly off the handle if you tell her you were wondering if her clothes would fit you? It's neither logical nor funny that they present fucking her as the path of least resistance.
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    I dislike Michael Bay. Don't give in to his demands, Paul! We do not negoiate with terrorists.
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    Oh my God, the thing that bothered me was the “soap in my eyes” excuse. I couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be a runner or if it was just lazy writing. Either way, it wasn’t funny enough to be used more than once.
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    Aye, but Russell Brand also says "Cor blimey, I got my Mr nobby caught in me Zippy Whip."
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    Yes he does and I had a real problem with that! It annoyed me that the movie was constantly telling us, “OMG guys! Women are human too! Who’d a thunk? ...But not homosexuals. That’s too far” The threat of violence - even as a joke - is certainly a far cry from Some Like it Hot’s “Well nobody’s perfect.” Yeah, I think I’m going to have to drop it on my list. As I said before, I’m wrestling with the light, frothy, 80’s-comedy watchability of the movie. It’s the first time I’ve really questioned what my personal AFI list is trying to do. Am I ranking the movies on personal enjoyment or overall worthiness? Up until Tootsie, for me anyway, they were pretty much one in the same, but now I have to rethink it (and maybe some other films) ETA: Tootsie just took a massive tumble on my list. Not quite last, but close.
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    No I get it, and that's true. The point to me though isn't "is this funny enough?", it's "is it quality enough?" It's definitely sharper comedy than Bosom Buddies. It doesn't necessarily do anything better to get its points across though, except having a bunch of actors act as if it were a drama I guess. (That's the part I like about this.) Though looking at this through a lens of film genres, it's using screwball comedy situations, but I dunno, I still question these plot points as not being the best choices they could have made. I definitely agree that it's good that his drag-ness isn't a punchline, but like Roz said on the pod, he's in drag for the purpose of work/conniving a job/stealing a role from a real woman; not a lifestyle choice. I find that limits its effectiveness. Yea maybe Les is just more an awkward thing. But still, the end result is 'omg he actually fell for a guy' and whether that's for laughs or pity, it's still there. Also when Les finds out, his first reaction is to want to punch him. Doesn't he say something like "you're only alive because we never kissed"?
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    Fabrice Fabrice can not be done!!!!! He is FAR too funny to die. His huge personality goes far beyond some simple stereotype.
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    Based on how much Scott and Scott seemed to enjoy talking about them a couple of months ago, my suggestion would be "Carryin' On 'Bout The Cars".
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    Yes, please! The Smiths would be a fantastic subject. Brilliant catalogue of music and Morrissey being such a problematic, larger-than-life character could lead to a lot of great bits. With only four studio albums, it'd be a short series. But the solo work from Morrissey and Johnny Marr is worth getting into too, or even Marr's albums while in Modest Mouse or The Cribs. Also, Steely Dan comes up on CBB fairly often. Not sure if either Scott loves and knows them well enough for a podcast, but as a casual fan, I'd be interested in diving deeper into their discography.
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