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    Anyone seen John Wick 3 yet? I have tickets for Sunday. And remember, don't touch Jason.
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    If you saw Hercules available on the CON Tv app, it’s mislabelled. It’s a 1960’s one with Steve Reeves; not the 1983 one with Ferrigno. Also be aware Vudu is only streaming the sequel, Adventures of Hercules, for free.
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    I totally understand. We will miss you and will be here whenever you are ready.
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    I appreciate these, and I do regret saying that this place is a dumpster fire now because ultimately that's not true. However, things have been feeling different lately, and considering the things that have been said towards me in these kind of instances it leads me to believe that I am part of the problem here. So I think it's just best for everyone, mainly myself, that I take an extremely extended hiatus from the forums.
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    Heyo, a long time has passed since I last posted but I was inspired by the new plug theme, decided maybe I'd take a crack at it Here ya go https://soundcloud.com/kb_4k/cbb-remix
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    I dearly miss Ronna and Beverly.
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    Paul, thank you so much for 200 episodes of hilarity. I’m sad to say goodbye but whatever you do next, I’m sure it will be amazing. You have the podcast Midas touch. I’ve loved your comedy for years and years, thank you for all the laughs. Also I would totally eat at Tawny’s horsteraunt.
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    It's come up a couple times on the Earwolf subreddit, and executive producer Colin Anderson has said the following:
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