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    That was not me on the phone, so definitely an Earwolf person reading one of the forum posts.
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    It's not finished yet, but @Cam Bert inspired me
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    I just saw it and it was FUCKING AMAZING, easily some of the best fight scenes in the series, which somehow top the insanity of past films while still not coming off as cartoonish. Another plus is that they really improved on the humor used which works surprisingly well.
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    That was my favorite part which stood out on this watch - the scary fear vibes that kept creeping in throughout. I really enjoyed how much of that there was in this.
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    You know what you were inferring with that statement. I quoted everything you said back at you so there's literally no putting any words into your mouth. You literally stated that even shitty artists can be on our side and to instead concentrate on "actual" enemies. I pointed out the difference between just "shitty" and physical abuse and that those artists are in fact not on the right fucking side. If you want so badly to dodge being called out then fine, but don't try and act like you weren't doing what you literally did. But yeah you're sooo right, I'm just trying to be number one here instead of being absolutely fucking triggered by this whole fucking conversation and try and keep my god damn cool and listen to literally everyone's point of view in the most civil way possible and then call out some total fucking bull shit when it happens. But it seems like if you plan on muting me (eye roll) then you won't even see this so this is mainly for myself because lmao what the fuck ever. Actually maybe this is just the right time to say I'm fucking leaving. This place used to be a literal safe haven (no pun intended considering they covered that movie) and now it's a god damn dumpster fire. I hope everyone feels the absolute joy of my departure that they seem to be clamoring for since I'm so fucking hated by the whole god damn fanbase for my favorite fucking podcast.
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    A bit, but they also note that Atticus is supposed to come off as an educated guy, someone who is set apart from the rest of the town in that way, so it kind of makes sense.
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    I think this is what I was trying to get to. It doesn't matter how much it is to me because it's still a message of support and I am actively choosing to contribute something to them, and that's not something that sits right with me.
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    I came real close to picking Scott Pilgrim because it's soundtrack is so ingrained into the makeup of that film. Also, I neglected to mention The Fighting Temptations is available for free on TUBI which I have never used, sorry guys
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