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    Director: I have completed my masterpiece! A dance movie that’s nearly 2 1/2 hours long... Screenwriter: But the script was only 8 pages long and two of those just had the words “they dance” written in highlighter. Director: Masterpiece! We watched: NEXT WEEK: Watch Out for Snakes picks
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    Maybe it's because I only took a year of Spanish or being wiped out from allergies when I watched this, but the movie opened with the grave saying "Familia Infante". I thought it was a grave for babies and this was a dark opening for a dance movie.
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    Yea didn't he say that exactly in the beginning? When Vanessa was doing some steps without music and he was just utterly baffled.
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    Yeah. Most dance movies I've seen are feeling the music vs. strict technical dancing or street vs. ballet. So, that seemed like what this movie was going to do. But no. Also, Rafael seemed to not understand choreography was a thing?
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    Honestly, I thought this movie was as bad as the HDTGM movies we watch. The two leads occasionally had some charisma (they are pop stars irl) but mostly everyone just talked quietly and slowly like they weren't interested in anything. The direction was weird, I thought, with the camera floating all over and around their heads and stuff. A lot of scenes were irrelevant and pointless. The script was generic and bland. I found it truly a chore to get through.
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    I think he’s primarily a singer now. (At least, from what I can gather from IMDb)
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    I think my biggest issue with the movie (besides the length) was Rafael was just too perfect. It felt like an old school romance novel where the love interest was completely flawless. Nothing ever phases him. He’s seemingly great at everything from ballet to fixing cars. Even when faced with a potentially awkward social situation he does exactly right. He reminded me of those people that you meet that come off as disingenuous by trying to act perfect. Like that relative’s new boyfriend or girlfriend who gets to the gathering, says all the right things, laughs at the right jokes, and, like, pulls the children away for an impromptu game of hide and seek or whatever. I just don’t trust people like that. It comes off as do phony.
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    Whatever happened to Chayanne? This was his one chance at movie stardom and pretty much disappeared shortly after.
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    So this was release straight to Netflix here in Japan and was dying to watch it after hearing how poorly it did and how crazy it was. My co-worker also watched it and had many thoughts so I'll have to ask them for some C&Os as well. Also apologies to @DannytheWall I didn't realize until hearing the episode that I wrote basically the same thing as you. I had a busy week, and must have read it and forgot about it but it was rattling around in my mind.
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    Hope you got gloves...
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    Every cloud has a copy of Silver Linings Playbook on DVD.
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    Yeah. I think he literally asked what she was doing. How can you dance without music? It's like, dude are you for real? In his entire life, he'd never seen someone practice a dance routine?
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    And she didn’t seem to understand that sometimes you can just dance. Like him, I don’t know technical terms, but I can dance.* Why was that so shocking to her? *citation required.
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    Two things: 1) Those sprinklers put out a TON of water. 2) Super cool of Williams’ babysitter to be like, “You should go into her house and dry off. Anyway, I’m leaving now...”
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    I also thought it was a weird choice to pair Rafael with Jane Krakowski’s character. It’s a movie! Why not have your leads together? It’s a weird “I dance, and you dance, but I’m going to dance with that person and you’re going to dance with that person.” I thought the movie was going to be about blending her rigid training with his free-flowing style and that’s how you win. But...no. Not really.
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    If I hadn't paused it and Amazon told me Chayanne's character was named Rafael Infante, I might never have known.
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    Rules are all fake. Cigarettes are cool. I'm a little baby!
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    You're probably right that the wind as depicted in the movie would not blow the gold dust as depicted in the movie in that manner. But if the wind were strong enough and the particles of gold dust were small enough, it is possible that it could scatter the gold far and wide so as to be a hardship to reattain. So imagine that happened. It's like the door in Titanic. Mythbusters did a show in which they showed it was likely that a door of the size depicted in the film could be rigged with the materials they had to support two people. They told James Cameron and his response was basically, "So imagine the door in the film is the size so that it can't support two people." The mechanics of the film need a thing to happen, and if the mechanics of physics allow that to happen under some circumstances, just imagine that those are the circumstances at play. Some people can suspend their disbelief enough for this, and some people can't.
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    I don't think I've been this peeved at a movie in a while.
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    Holy shit this movie goes into Matrix sequel levels of crazy.
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    I'm so glad they're doing Serenity. I'm convinced MM was stoned and drunk out of his mind through the entire shooting. It was such a blatant excuse for a vacation. But Anne Hathaway kills it! She knows exactly what movie she's in.
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    Thanks, Elektra! Honestly, I’m less thrilled about the win (although that’s also very nice), and more about making Paul laugh. That’s the real trophy To be honest, I agree with Paul. Last weeks C&O’s were really, really good. I’m proud of everyone!
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    Congratulations to Cameron for being back on top. I liked it when forum posters win and not those LOSER call-in people. I am excited for SERENITY. I feel a little responsible since I suggested it in the bad movie recommendation threads. I'll be curious to see what people who have never heard anything about it think is going on. I, unfortunately, only saw it after reading about it. So I was spoiled. IF anyone went in cold, I want to hear your thoughts.
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    I had a very strong reaction to Midnight Cowboy. I watched it blind, meaning I had no idea what it was about or any of it's history. While I definitely didn't get that these two guys were supposed to be idealized (I guess the way some people seem to have interpreted Travis Bickle), I had no idea why I should care about them. I found the flashbacks to Joe Buck's experiences in Texas to be entirely confusing and muddled. After hearing them discuss the book and how dark his time was in Texas, I could have understood his character and maybe developed a little sympathy for his ... eccentricities? To me, they seemed to be two guys willfully bumming around NYC (oh, that era NYC!!) deluded into thinking they can sell Joe's body for sex while neither of them has any clue how to interact with women. I see the intent of the director, but I think the vision failed for me. Also, I mean... John Voight and Dustin Hoffman. I can't get past who either of them turned out to be.
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    I love how Paul has incorporated Cody and Devin into the mini-episodes. It’s nice to have their insight as well. Also, just like Paul I grew up with tomato/mayonnaise sandwiches. They are great. Tomatoes are delicious. However, I’m sorry Kraft, but I will never, ever, ever eat one of your weird hybrid flavors. First of all, I think it’s kind of lazy. What, I can’t be bothered to squeeze two different bottles? Get out of here with that shit! Americans need to be more active! And secondly, I’m not sure I trust your ratios. If you put too much ketchup or BBQ sauce or whatever your whole sandwich is gonna be totally fucked. There’s an art to condiments. You can’t just wing it! Also, Ranch is fucking disgusting. You think adding ketchup is going to somehow make that horror show edible? Get the fuck out of here...
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