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    Amy and Paul have nothing to do with the moderation of this forum and they rarely pay attention to it. To the casual observer, your first few actions after creating an account were to: Attack the hosts for not "understanding" a movie Attack the hosts for not sharing your opinion of another movie Carry over conflict from an unaffiliated Facebook group Post the same comment to multiple threads to maximize said conflict Start taking swings at other forum members I deleted your comment in this thread (while leaving it intact in the other) because it was an unnecessary derail of the ongoing discussion of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. If you wish to continue participating here, I politely ask that you lay off the invective.
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    Hello forum. I like this podcast. Makes it hard to breathe and I get a high pitch laugh as if I start to laugh but then someone invisible squeezes my throat. It makes me have endorphins. I think it's because I'm laughing so much. I like the full commitment of Sean and Hayes to their own style of comedy, and how much they clearly enjoy it makes me enjoy it even more. They listen to each other as if they're both sitting across the room inside the walls of the same brain. It's a kind of irony with a deep layer of joy and playfulness underneath. It's often the bright spot in my day.
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    While I agree with June that underwear should never be too baggy or too tight because it also makes me uncomfortable I guess science says baggier is better? Apparently tight underwear is bad for sperm count According to a study done by doctors at Harvard men who wore boxer shorts the most in a three month period had "25 per cent higher sperm concentration, 17 per cent higher total sperm count and 33 per cent more swimming sperm in a single ejaculate than men who wore other types of underwear." Apparently the only people who need to worry though are those already struggling with fertility. Also apparently it takes 3 months for sperm production to happen? I feel like once again the American public school system, and in particular it's Sex Ed courses, have let me down .
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    Been a big fan of the podcast for years and finally got to see the show live in Charleston, SC last night and had a blast. (For anyone that was there, I was the guy who did the Alanis Morrissette parody for Second Opinions!) I've really been looking forward to grabbing the exclusive tour poster by Mitch Gerads ever since it was announced on Instagram, but unfortunately they were only accepting cash at the merch table and I could not find an ATM anywhere in the building. Is there anyone going to one of the upcoming shows that might be willing to pick up one of those posters and ship it to me? I'll gladly pay someone a few extra bucks for the trouble, in addition to the cost of the poster and shipping, obviously. If there's anyone out there that could help me out I would greatly appreciate it!
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    I wonder if Nick Cage ever thought about taking his brother aside during filming and telling him, “I’ve worked with David Lynch, and Chris, you’re no David Lynch.”
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    Youre not alone I saw this movie in theaters as a kid. I also waited for the next showing of a sold out Man of the House with Chevy Chase and Johnthan Taylor Thomas, so I think its pretty fair to say that children have terrible tastes in movies.
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    This may not be either a correction or an omission but I found a nice snippet in an interview with Michael Biehn about the film. He said he only got the part because Val Kilmer pulled out, and clearly Kilmer was wise to pull out. He summarised the film by saying "that's the Nicolas Cage you get when you don't ask him to pull it back a little bit."
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    I was also going to pop in here to mention that the first time I heard any lines from this film was when I listened to the album Get Some by Snot. Only much later did a friend of mine sit me down and make me watch Deadfall. Actually, I've seen Deadfall a bunch of times now, but only up until Nicolas Cage dies, because my friend would always turn it off at that point.
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    After Joe "kills" his father, Pete (Peter Fonda) says they're going to bury Mike in potter's field, which as everyone knows (except maybe the screenwriter), is a graveyard for unknown or indigent people, often with unmarked plots. The next scene is a normal funeral at a regular cemetery, with a standard headstone for Mike. This is not potter's field.
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    Which love triangle had the most explosive energy? Joe, Diane, and Eddie? Or Joe, Donut Shop Girl, and Pizza Guy (Nick Vallelonga). The thing I want to focus on is how little money Diane was given at the end of the movie. Her part in the con was the most insane in that Mike Donan thought a quick glimpse of a woman that looked Joe's mother would make Joe take specific predictable actions leading to the successful con. But Diane had to move to another town for who knows how long before Joe got there and establish a relationship with the most insane character ever captured on film. And then manipulate Eddie to the point that she could drive him to attack Lou at just the right moment. In addition to having to seduce Joe as well. Diane was basically doing all of the heavy lifting for a ridiculous plan and then at the end she got what looked like 2% of the take. Peter Fonda walked off with the same amount for doing almost nothing. Unequal pay is a serious societal problem and nowhere worse than in Deadfall.
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    This film was shot by the great cinematographer Maryse Alberti, who has done masterful work in features (THE WRESTLER, VELVET GOLDMINE, HAPPINESS) but mostly in docs (TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE, ENRON THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM, WHEN WE WERE KINGS, etc.).
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    There’s actually a song called Deadfall based on this movie. It’s from the metal/hardcore punk band Snot on their album Get Some. I actually heard this song back in high school, but never knew what it was about until I saw clips of Nicolas Cage’s crazy performance on youtube and eventually watched the movie. The song essentially tells the plot of the entire movie. The vocals are kind of hard to understand, so I’ll post the lyrics below. https://youtu.be/DC5r92nBR14 Well, I killed my dad In a con gone bad Nearly drank myself to death But when he died he said Lou had the cake So I caught a bus headin' West I saw the numbers running through a small cafe And I knew I'd find my uncle Lou That's when Ed stepped up He said pick a card Shape the con before it shapes you Who sent ya'? Sam fuckin' Peckinpah Yeah who sent ya'? Who sent ya'? Who sent ya'? Sam fuckin' Peckinpah Yeah who sent ya’? Now I met my uncle for the very first time And he sent me on a con with Ed So we came callin' on his girl Diane A blonde girl dressed in red I guess pigeon dropping was the name of the game And I had to pay my dues Well fun time Family fun was the plan Shape the con before it shapes you Who sent ya'? Sam fuckin' Peckinpah Yeah who sent ya'? Who sent ya' baby girl? Sam fuckin' Peckinpah Yeah who sent ya’? Sam Peckinpah tried to choke Eddie out But he cut him from ear to ear Then he grabbed old Lou said "We fuck now" On his face a twisted jeer He took old Lou to the same cafe' Eddie couldn't have been much higher When he tied him up It was his intent To put his head in that deep fryer Well, Diane told me I tackled Ed As we did a little wiggle and dance When we were done Ed got a hot head Well viva la fuckin' France man! Someone tryin' to kill me man? (Who would try to kill you Eddie) The fucking hangers! Someone tryin' to kill me man? (Who would try to kill you Eddie) The fucking hangers! Guess they may be friends (All fuckin' summer long sugar) Who sent you? Sam fuckin' Peckinpah Yeah who sent ya'? Who sent ya' baby girl? Sam fuckin' Peckinpah Yeah who sent ya’? You shape the con or It'll shape you You shape the con You shape the con or It'll shape you You shape the con Hi-fucking-ya!
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    Whose dick do I have to suck to get a piece of ass around here?
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    This was the first time I saw this and only had a vague sense of its plot (I did know the possibility that the child wasn't real, so the big reveal didn't feel so big because there felt like hints early on). I do not have any deep analysis of the film nor much time to say much, but one thing I will say, I really enjoyed the hell out of this movie.
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    Is that all you did, or did you also use phrases like "fuck you" in doing so? Because if so I think the latter is why you would have gotten banned. In my experience people are not kicked out of that group merely for disagreeing with the hosts.
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    Sure, I don't mean to suggest this doesn't still exist. But I think the level of pressure was significantly different in the 1950s and 60s, and to me the film seemed to land its drama on that heightened assumption. Someone else also pointed out on the Facebook group: it's interesting that the two wives don't get any scenes alone together, but the husbands certainly do. That kind of frames the conversation about the couples' infertility in a specifically male way. Again, I get it, it's a 50 year old movie. These were just some things that kind of nagged at me while watching it.
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    As a child, I loved this movie. Present me would never hang out with past me
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    I have been trying to express gratitude where it is most poignant for me, and seems most needed. I hope this can reach Sean and Hayes at some point, but I went through a 'give-up-on-life' depression that (still) does not seem that long ago (about a year ago), that podcasts pulled me out of. Much more emphatically, Hollywood Handbook's Sean Clements, Hayes Davenport, Tom Scharpling, and even Engineers Brett Morris and Chef Kevin, (more recently - Engineer Jordan) -- by way of Comedy Bang! Bang! --pulled me out of that depression. It breaks my heart to recently hear episodes where they are *still jokingly* trying to come up with a way to 'salvage' their show. Their impact on my life has been invaluable. I would not ask them to continue a show they don't seem to like anymore, but I hope they find something they do like, because they have become my favorite active comedians. For completeness sake: I thoroughly enjoy Scott Aukerman and Comedy Bang Bang. I love him all the more for introducing me to and trying to help (for a time) 'dem flagrant boys. And THANK YOU SO MUCH Sean and Hayes for highlighting James Adomian's new podcast!
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    I'm ashamed to say that I saw this film in theaters when I was a kid and own it on VHS. This was even made by the director of Cool as Ice! Throughout the show, we don't see Dr. Claw's face but in this film he's played by Rupert Everett and we see how he got that claw. Plus this was another embarrassing effort for Matthew Broderick as this was made after Godzilla and way before Deck the Halls.
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