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    Please make your plug themes DOWNLOADABLE on Soundcloud. This makes prepping for us much easier, and will increase your chance of getting on the show! Thanks!
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    I never heard of Neil Breen until last week and now I have seen Fateful Findings. How I miss those innocent days. Speaking of, I love coming of age films, but the ones I probably recall the most fondly from the 80s are a pretty mixed bag. I loved the Scottish classic Gregory's Girl (by Bill Forsyth, director of Local Hero) and an early John Cusack screwball comedy called Better off Dead. I'm actually hard-pressed to think of a film that primarily starred pre-teens that I really loved from that period. I didn't even like ET that much. Stand By Me is great of course, but not your typical adventure film.
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    The only other warning I'd give for watching a Neil Breen movie is do not operate heavy machinery while watching one.
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    My wife (who owns the MSW complete series DVDs plus the movies) has been bingeing season 1 this weekend. I'm the opposite of others here, I grew up watching Magnum and have seen the entire series at least a couple times. I'm going to have to start watching it again and catch up on the podcast. I did see MSW periodically back in the day - especially the crossover episodes, obvs. My main takeaway from MSW season 1 is how much travelling Jessica does for a busy novelist, and what an insane who's who of character actors every episode is. My wife is currently watching one where she's on a cruise ship with her neice and Leslie Nielsen is the captain! Edited to ask: do you guys have an RSS feed for the show? Would make it easier to add the show to Plex and similar apps for automatic updates. Editing again because I'm listening to the first Magnum episode and am just gonna make some comments (possible spoilers): I don't know this for sure but one thing about the first season of Magnum that I think is probably true is that the show got sold to CBS on the strength of co-creator Glen Larson, who made stuff like Battlestar Galactica and Knight Rider. As you guys observed, there are a lot of girls in bikinis, car chases and gunplay and just general cheese. I suspect that the other co-creator, Donald Bellisario, exerted a greater influence as the series went on (and of course, Selleck did himself). Bellisario is super into military-based drama - apart from Quantum Leap, he went on to create J.A.G. and NCIS, both of which are also about Navy cops and their justice system, which of course was the job Magnum quit before becoming a PI. In your copy of the pilot, is it the better-known Mike Post theme that you hear at the start? The first season used a different theme for a while by a dude called Ian Freebairn-Smith for the first half dozen episodes, then they introduced the much more dynamic theme that is still used today. Note the old lowercase logo too. There is a character in the pilot - Felipe - who gets referenced much later on in the series in what I consider to be one of the true unresolved mysteries of the show. I think "Ski" in the pilot is the same actor who plays Magnum's guy on the inside at the Navy, Mac Reynolds, who left the show briefly for another series and then comes back as yet another character. Your line about Magnum acting like a 12 year old made me laugh because I was 12 when I watched this pilot back in the day. It's true, there is gross stuff about all of the main characters early on - Magnum leering, T.C.'s pretty racist characterization, Rick's weird Bogart act- that get dropped by season 2. Again, I blame Larson mainly, and I suppose the other stuff that was popular on TV at the time - Dukes of Hazzard, Three's Company, Charlie's Angels. Robert Loggia was in an episode of MSW we watched today. My favourite role of his is here though: All right, gonna stop jabbering at you now. Keep up the good work.
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    Even that wasn't enough to prepare me for that movie.
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    I'm concerned people aren't going to be fully prepared for Neil Breen's Fateful Findings. For Paul, June, and Jason, and everyone else, please watch a trailer or something before diving right in so you have at least some kind of handle back into the sane world.
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    Drunk food is entirely location-dependent. Southern California has to be late night taco shops; in San Diego it was -Berto's (there are like 10 places with that suffix). In Seattle it's gotta be Dick's. At home it's popcorn.
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    Amanda and Maria just launched their new podcast network Earios, and their press release includes this tidbit:
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