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    The King's Speech. Sure, the acting is top-notch, but the film itself was like watching paint dry. So many of the other nominees from that year (Black Swan, Inception, The Social Network, etc.) strike me as so much more interesting, memorable, and innovative than The King's Speech, so it wasn't like there was a dearth of qualified competitors. That film was pure Oscar-bait and it's disappointing that the Academy chose the blandest film of the bunch.
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    Its amazing how many terrible Schneider movies were greenlit in the hopes of siphoning off some of that sweet Sandler money.
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    SIP: Any time June or Jason bring up Unspooled. DRINK: When they mention not being invited to be guests on Unspooled. CHUG: Paul skirts the issue of June and Jason not being invited on Unspooled.
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    QUEENIE and The Boys make a horror anthology series.
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    I resent that Sean characterizes his fans as "horny nerds," but I will have to re-listen to this ep just to hear Julie talk about her bean again.
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    Both of these points, plus the "real detective work only happens on printed paper" attitude, make me think this movie was written by boomers who watch too much Dateline.
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