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    Conspiracy theory: Jason Mantzoukas is Michael Bay. He *is* on Twitter.
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    I mean, I can acknowledge that the story and characters of North by Northwest don't have a ton of depth, but . . . every time I watch it I find it zips right along, even knowing what's going to happen. That's hard to quantify, but I think you've just got to put it down to Hitchcock's skill as a director. He has four movies on the list and every one deserves to be there for one reason or another. He created several of the foundational texts of cinema. My only real gripe with the movie is that the cut near the very end, from Cary Grant holding Eva Marie Saint's hand on top of Mount Rushmore to them in the train car at the end always feels kind of awkward to me, like it's too much of a cheat that they never showed us how the two of them got out of that pickle (when every one of Grant's other escapes is super clever and entertaining). The visual joke of the train entering the tunnel (time for sex!) that actually ends the film helps make up for it though. Sure, let's put the Coens on the list. But not at Hitch's expense. Forrest Gump or The Sixth Sense can go instead.
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    Funny story. I wrote that post 13 feet in the air. I was doing a photoshoot that needed a birds-eye-view and so I had to climb this rickety scaffolding and once I was up there I was NOT coming down until the shoot was over. So while I had time to kill I wrote the Aluoette post. I guess it's not that funny and barely a story... but you guys get the jist.
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    Re: Google Play $ You might talk to teachers, or parents of school kids. Lots of schools are strapped for cash. Maybe a teacher could use some of the money on educational films or something.
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    9/26 Spartacus 10/3 Some Like It Hot 10/10 American Graffiti 10/17 The Godfather 10/24 The Godfather Part 2
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    The only thing I kinda remember about Disclosure is the third act CGI scene where a sprite with Douglass' face is trying to find files and is hunted by a sprite with Moore's face that I think is shooting lasers at said files.
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    Congrats, @PollyDarton! C’est bon!
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