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    That's amazing! I legit thought this was an old-timey photo you did a great job at capturing that feel!!!
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    It's Nikon D90 with a 20-200 lens. I have a cool portrait lens, too, but I'm not much of an equipment junkie. I work for a theatre and I help them do a lot of different photo projects, mainly their marketing photography. It's an odd little part of my job and I wish I did more than I do. Photography is my jam though and have been doing it since I was a kid. This is one of the photos I took that day.
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    You guys gotta do this Grieco flik!
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    No explanation necessary.
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    Sporgan was on fire on the Pro version. Laughing my whole butt off as usual
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    Omg. I saw the first Zapped and it was bonkers. This looks even more ridiculous. They could do an episode based on this trailer alone...
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    A made for TV movie starring Tim Curry and Fairuza Balk (Of Congo and Island of Dr. Moreau fame) This scene says it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUhuPn8_d0Q
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    YES! If Looks Could Kill is the greatest. Soon I'll have to start a podcast called How Has How Did This Get Made Not Done This Yet? And this will be the first episode.
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    Yeah I love this one. Demornay just kickin' out the jams. This & Hand that Rocks the Cradle are both gems.
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    Dan, I get your point, but then Premium shows go away with no advanced notice, too. [FWIW, none of this is really directed at you; maybe someone who actually does work for Earwolf will read it.] This happened recently with RBTV and Preem Stream (which I actually enjoyed more than Whooch prime), and WSGLL suddenly ended a "season"; if I'm subscribing for a year at a time, I'd like to have some assurance that the shows I listen to will actually still be around. After ~2 years of subscribing, I've listened to everything in the back catalog that I want to listen to, and at that point, I think it's really debatable as to whether it's good value for money. The media landscape has evolved beyond the point where companies can have the attitude that they can just charge $5/mo and people will pay it because it's essentially nothing, because when everyone does it, it really adds up. (I know it's weird to be complaining about Premium when the context is another show being added to Premium, but the point is that I sympathize with everyone who doesn't have Premium, and it's hard to blame them at this point.)
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    I agree. You can just listen all day without ever having to tap +15 to skip ads--it's very liberating. And a yearly subscription comes out to $3/month. That's hours and hours of content for the price of a jar of peanut butter. Even if you sign up just for Who Charted, it's about 50 cents/hour to keep Howard on the air. It's so worth it.
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    It's a bummer, but Stitcher Premium is a way to keep shows alive when they don't publish often enough or have enough listeners to attract advertisers. The same thing happened with With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus, Raised by TV, and The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project. Howard was probably presented with the option of either moving to Premium or being canceled altogether, and he chose to keep making the show for fans willing to pay a small amount to subscribe. In my opinion (as someone who does not work for Earwolf) Stitcher Premium is worth $5/month solely to not have to listen to 5+ ads on every episode of CBB and HDTGM. But you also get access to a lot of exclusive shows like the CBB live tour, Threedom, Andy Daly's new The Great American Cabinet Of Curiosities, the Hollywood Handbook Pro Version, stand-up albums, and more stuff than you could possibly listen to in one lifetime. It's a pretty great value if you can fit it into your budget.
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    i loved hayes's big laugh after francesca said "gondoliers"
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    Just for fun... a highlight of the movie, whether you’ve seen it or not! The sunflower dancing is the icing on the cake.
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    That's a great point. I have heard of people doing this. They ask for huge amounts in gift cards to elderly people on the phone or internet. It's pretty awful. I bet someone did this and then ditched one of the cards where the caller found it.
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    The other thing about it that I’m surprised no one brought up: There’s a real chance that it was part of a payment to a scammer. They frequently want to be paid in gift cards, as cash and electronic payments are more traceable. If that’s the case, then either a scammer didn’t get paid/fully paid, or lost some of their ill-gotten gains. No big deal
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    I feel that they’ve truly fucked us here. They didn’t like all the feedback from the Little Italy episode, were rubbed the wrong way by the classic Torontonian need to be recognized as notable outside of our own little world, and decided to just take us to the bone zone by saddling is with a ridiculous non-movie that we can’t even gain access to. This, despite my repeated pleas that they do Slumber Party Massacre II. I even promised to let Jason hold my baby if they did SPM2. I’m still going to attend, but will definitely leave the baby at home. Might bring my copy of SPM2 and give it to Paul. On second thought, it’s too valuable to me, but I would consider giving him the DVD case with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen inside.
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    Disagree. One of the best movies of all time.
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    #corey feldman #corey haim
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    Agreed, I love this terrible movie. It's actually a great premise, but the execution is ridiculous. I feel like J.K. Rowling must've drew inspiration from it for Harry Potter. There are so many similarities: the mean Potions teacher, flying lessons, the bewitched broom, the Malfoy-esque snob, transfiguration, invisibility...And Tim Curry is unreal. "Has anybody seen my tambourine?!"
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    C'mon guys, Brian Huskey is in it! He would be the perfect guest...Stick around for 1:35 when that 80's volleyball-montage music is playing over a dispute centered around rape...
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    YES. Greatest movie ever. Needs to be done.
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