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    Disclosure comes across real gross in 2019 ...and Demi Moore like an insane person
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    That's amazing! I legit thought this was an old-timey photo you did a great job at capturing that feel!!!
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    It's Nikon D90 with a 20-200 lens. I have a cool portrait lens, too, but I'm not much of an equipment junkie. I work for a theatre and I help them do a lot of different photo projects, mainly their marketing photography. It's an odd little part of my job and I wish I did more than I do. Photography is my jam though and have been doing it since I was a kid. This is one of the photos I took that day.
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    If Scott Aukerman is indeed the mystery guest for this studio episode, I hope Kulap is there as well so we can continue the discussion of 90's fashion from the Country Bears episode. Demi is, of course, timeless, but Douglas looks like a straight-up cartoon hobo for the entire film and is yet presented as an equally powerful sex magnet.
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    Has anyone else seen this crazy film yet? I liked it but man, it is bonkers and I was shocked to see it has a high RT rating (though the audience rating is not so hot, which is less surprising). Brad Pitt is amazing in it, the whole cast is good, Max Richter's score is, well, a Max Richter score, but more memorable than usual. It's a bizarre combination of introspection, therapy, daddy issues, Event Horizon, 2010: Odyssey Two, Interstellar, Gravity... As I said, I liked it a lot, but I also really love the Soderbergh version of Solaris, so calibrate your expectations accordingly.
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    Here’s the list I’ve compiled of crappy looking VUDU flicks that are leaving at the end of the month. It’s not comprehensive, but it gives you a taste. Some of the selections are a part of a series that starts out with a classic (The Karate Kid) and go downhill from there. I haven’t seen a lot of these films but picked them because they sounded bonkers. I’ve provided a synopsis—from VUDU—for the especially cuckoo ones. —Wide awake—The First film from M. Night Shyamalan! Starring Dana Delaney, Denis Leary, Rosie O’Donnell and Robert Loggia! A fifth grader goes on a search for God after his grandfather dies. Along the way he gets into tons of trouble at Waldron Academy an all boys school. Also he is aided on his search by a sports loving nun. All the old Karate Kid Movies including —The Karate Kid II —The Karate Kid III —the Next Karate Kid —Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) —Teaching Mrs. Tingle —Roberto Benigni’s Pinocchio —My 5 wives with Rodney Dangerfield, Andrew Dice Clay, directed by Sydney J. Furie (of Superman IV and Ladybugs fame)— It's a dream come true as real estate developer Monte Peterson inherits five wives when a valuable Utah land deal gets out of control. Monte's got much more than he bargained for with a host of young brides and a crew of gangsters on his back. —And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird—Teenagers Josh and Max Carson spend their free time building a lovable little robot named Newman. Things get a little out of hand when Beth, Josh's beautiful girlfriend, contacts his father's spirit through a Ouija board and ends up landing him in Josh's creation. Now, Newman is about to lead the Carson family on the most fantastic adventure of their lives! HOLY SHIT I laughed my ass off when I saw this critic’s synopsis of this film! Brian Costello, Common Sense Media “Dated robot comedy set against a backdrop of suicide.” And this movie has Alan ThIcke in it! —Seven Pounds —Deep Blue Sea —Spider Man 3 —Expendables1-3
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    During my first months in Los Angeles in the Summer of 2011, I had decided to check out Doug Benson's Movie Interruption at Cinefamily. The event was advertised as a Live Commentary of Piranha 3D with Adam Scott. Lo and behold, Paul joined in with Elisabeth Shue and it ended being a great night! All this to say that though I'm not sure if I was allowed or not, I recorded the whole thing on my crappy iPhone and recently dug it up and synched it with my digital copy of Piranha 3D. If this is even allowed, would there be any interest in me sharing this in some way? I didn't become a HDTGM fan until probably at least a year later but it was a good precursor to what I could expect from the podcasts. I wish Jason had been there, though!
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    This over Ben Hur any day. I'm not a huge fan of Spartacus but I have liked it every time I watched it. Ben Hur has always felt like homework outside of the chariot race. I think it's kind of strange that they never mentioned Lord Of The Rings as one of the epics on the list because I'd take it over Ben Hur, Spartacus and maybe Lawrence Of Arabia (but, like Lawrence, LotR isn't really American in my mind and doesn't belong on the list). I think it's kind of weird that, for all the episodes that they've asked "Does X need to be represented this many times?" and the discussion of how many times Kubrick is on the list isn't really brought up (was it in another episode?) Taking it in the direction of "How many movies do we need that were inspired by McCarthyism" seems strange. High Noon, On The Waterfront and Spartacus are all quite different and you could easily watch them without picking up their shared origin.
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    If you really like Creepers, I recommend an obscure game for the SNES called Clock Tower. It was a Japanese exclusive so you'll have to emulate it and get a translation. It's not a adaptation but it's very clear that Creepers is a heavy inspiration.
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    This movie is depressing as hell and scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. Bluth is a monster.
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    That seems like a random one, unless you've wanted to dress up as a young Jennifer Connelly and/or just have pet insects you've always wanted to work into a costume. Or, I guess Creepers is just a personal favorite.
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    They used to show this every Halloween. It's incredible.
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    Wow, I need to see this immediately...
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    YES! If Looks Could Kill is the greatest. Soon I'll have to start a podcast called How Has How Did This Get Made Not Done This Yet? And this will be the first episode.
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    Yeah I love this one. Demornay just kickin' out the jams. This & Hand that Rocks the Cradle are both gems.
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    I finally got to listen to June's WTF episode with Marc Maron and she's genuinely just the most lovely person and I love hearing more in depth stories about her growing up, going to NYU with Casey, experiencing 9/11 in the middle of NYC, meeting Paul, and describing their kids' personalities. This was the interview I've been dying to hear!!! Plus June called out some unconscious bias that Marc laid out and it gave me life to hear her ask, "Would you ask Paul that same question?" and listen as Marc goes oh shit u right watch me back peddle.
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    This would be a good Halloween flick and could be in honor of Larry Cohen, RIP.
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    Bumping this one, as it is a prime candidate for HDTGM There is so much to talk about in this and to mock and more importantly enjoy because no mater what you have to say about it's short Cummings this is an enjoyable movie.
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    That's a great point. I have heard of people doing this. They ask for huge amounts in gift cards to elderly people on the phone or internet. It's pretty awful. I bet someone did this and then ditched one of the cards where the caller found it.
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    The other thing about it that I’m surprised no one brought up: There’s a real chance that it was part of a payment to a scammer. They frequently want to be paid in gift cards, as cash and electronic payments are more traceable. If that’s the case, then either a scammer didn’t get paid/fully paid, or lost some of their ill-gotten gains. No big deal
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    I remember kind of liking Disclosure when it came out but, from what I remember of it, it's going to be a tough rewatch. Congrats, Polly. This is twice in a row, right?
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVBsURJF0yg If Looks Could Kill for your consideration. I couldn't believe no one had suggested this. I don't think Richard Grieco has mad an HDTGM appearance yet. He plays an 18 year old who looks like he's 35 and rocks a varsity jacket and head phones pretty much the entire movie. This movie is perfectly early 90's bad/good.
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