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    I'd like to discuss the temperature on the ice planet. As Stella and Elle are about to go to the surface of the planet; Akton tells them to hurry because once the Sun sets the temperature will drop thousands of degrees. THIS IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Let's assume the planet is similar to the climate of Antarctica. Average Temperature on Antarctica ranges from -76 Farenheit (or -60 Celsius/or 213 Kelvin) to 14 Farenheit(or -10 Celsius/or 263 Kelvin). The coldest possible temperature acheivable, anywhere in the universe, also referred to as Absolute Zero, is -459 Farenheit (or -273 Celsius/or 0 Kelvin). Meaning, at -76 Farenheit, it is not physically possible for the temperature to drop more than about 400 degrees on the Farenheit scale. Now, it is possible for temperatures to change by thousands of degrees. Let's say the surface temperature of a given planet is 2,000 Farenheit(or 1093 Celsius/or 1366 Kelvin), it would be possible for the temperature to drop another 2459 degrees (on the Farenheit scale in this instance). I think we can all agree, though, if the surface temperature was 2,000 Farenheit(or 1093 Celsius/or 1366 Kelvin), our heroes would not only be incinerated, but a planet of that temperature would not be covered in ice but would instead resemble Venus (a planet experiencing a runaway greenhouse effect). So, unless they're using an entirely differenct temperature scale (which is not introduced), this movie just doesn't make sense. Just because of that one fact, though. Rest of the movie is on-point!
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    The wipe transitions also kind of seem like something that weren't included in the novelization either.
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    The library district I belong to has local art displayed all year long, there's always something new when I'm there. Stop sleeping on your libraries!
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    I HATED this film. It is technically well-made and well acted, but it is an example of style over substance. I didn’t care about these characters at all. The “scary” parts made me laugh out loud in the theater because they were so over-the-top. I liked Hereditary, but this was too much of a retread of The Wicker Man with some Kubrick references thrown in. I almost walked out but decided to wait for the “crazy” ending. I should have just left. On the plus side, there is definitely enough here to make a solid episode. What did you all think?
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    I laughed very hard at the suggestion that the director just read the book! Haha. What an amazing coincidence that he used the same slow-mo spaceship models, and a light saber!?! Actually the light saber is such a rip off that maybe it was a coincidence. wtf
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    It kind of bums me out that a name as awesome as "Stella Star" was wasted on this crap-ass movie. I have to admit, I kind of found the redneck robot amusing. And perhaps the most insane piece of trivia, despite their protests that they'd put the script together prior to Star Wars, the producers asked the director to make it in the style of Star Wars. The director had never seen Star Wars, so he decided just to read the novelization.
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    Yes, Akton’s Dollar General brand lightsaber was offensive, but I had far more issues with the weapon Stella Star wielded for the majority of the movie. It was essentially an entire rifle made out of a bayonet. The logistics of firing such a weapon are beyond me. It seems to me as soon as you pulled the trigger, the recoil would slice your space fingers right the fuck off. (I could post a screen shot, but this image is far better.)
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    But who shall space dream a dream for us?
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    I don't feel bad at all for those people and you know why? They were not innocent. She's working at a penal labour camp which means presumably all the other people their working were other criminals as well. Least we forget at the start of the movie Stella is a straight up criminal running away from the space police. That couple she talks to looks nice but who is to say they didn't space murder their children? I mean I doubt space is beyond white collar prisons so if they had done something as harmless as space embezzling they wouldn't be doing hard labour. To be sentenced to work like a slave I image your crime would have to be as big as evading arrest and smuggling and robbery like Stella. So while those prisoner's died in her escape and the death of any alien or human life is sad, these people's backstory is unknown and maybe they shouldn't have been saved.
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    I’m not saying that my brother and I built more realistic-looking spaceships with LEGOs when we were kids, but I’m not NOT saying it, either.
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    We used to do a First Friday Art Hop with the other city departments where people could go around the city checking out local artists’ work. The attendance died down on in our location though so we stopped taking part in it. We ended up replacing it with my laser tag event and every other month now the signups fill out in 10 minutes, leaving me to wish for parents to start fighting on out entry ramp for the chance at a laser tag spot, similar to how the makers of Funzo wanted a trampling during a store riot on the Simpsons.
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    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... This movie could have been pretty good if the director would have made the fight scene between Stella Star and the Space Amazons about two hours longer.
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    Was anyone else upset that in the process of escaping the slave pits, Stella Star basically got a ton of innocent people killed? Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy she escaped a life of slavery, but it might have been nice if our hero had helped at least one other person get away. At the very least, it would have been cool if her casualty count hadn't been quite so excessive.
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    Maybe its not "Elle", but E.L.L.E, with some stupid ass cheap sci-fi name like Electrohumanoid Lunar Law Enforcer
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    So June only barely touched the surface of what we offer at libraries, as not only do we offer homework help and tutoring, we also have computer classes for all ages, coding classes, literacy tutoring for ESL students, and various programs like laser tag and what I just went through putting together over the last year, a comic convention. Plus, since I’m in charge of ordering movies for my library I make sure we have all the HDTGM best. I will also now say that considering Hollywood’s past of mainstream actors/workers like Timothy Hutton, Carrie Fisher, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone, appearing in pornos, and Bella Thorne directing one this year, I won’t be surprised to see Oscar winner Christopher Plunmer hosting next year’s AVN Awards to announce his partnership with Rocco Sifferedi in his starring role in Roman Big Titty Bukkake 54.
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    So, Stella Star is pretty much the main hero of this movie and subverts many gendered tropes in sci-fi and film more broadly. She is the best pilot, does most of the adventuring, rescues a prince (Hasselhoff), and Akton dies to advance her storyline (see: Fridging). So I ask, was this movie conceived as a feminist response to Star Wars (A New Hope), which famously doesn't pass the Bechdel test? (Stella's conversation with the Amazon Queen makes this movie pass the BT).
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    Fun robo-fact: the guy who did the voice for Elle in Starcrash went on to do the voice of Gizmoduck in Duck Tales. I apologize for knowing way too much about this shitty, shitty movie.
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    FUCKING FEMINISTS! GOING BACK IN TIME AND DOING GENDER SWAPPED REMAKES!! THEY DID IT WITH GHOSTBUSTERS AND THAT SUCKED, THEY DID IT WITH OCEANS AND THAT SUCKED AND NOW THEY'RE DOING IT WITH THIS?! THEY'RE FUCKING WITH MY CHILDHOOD!!!! This is Brie Larson's fault for some reason! Shit like this is why Trump got elected, and he's gonna win again, because of this fucking bullshit SJW Zardoz remake. We already had "Zardoz", there's no need for Female Zardoz and that's not me being sexist, but when they wanted a male Lara Croft, they made a different game, Uncharted, they didn't change Tomb Raider. Yeah, I get that that's what happened here, it's called "Star Crash", but look at it, thigh high boots, weird underpants, it's fucking Zardoz! MY THAT PERIOD IN TIME A FEW YEARS BEFORE I WAS BORN! And, not being sexist, but Sean Connery looks way better in the thigh highs. But, they just don't see it, Ghostbusters flopped, Oceans 8 flopped, all these other movies I'm ranting about flopped, so that tells you something... People don't want that, people don't want politics being shoved into their movies! Even though that's basically how I make my money, by ranting about it every day. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe. Also, check out my Patreon, because YouTube demonetised me for no reason, all I did was call a woman a fucking bitch that should kill herself, that's not sexist, it's not sexist. If anything, I'd be being sexist if I DIDN'T call her a bitch, because I'm treating her like I would a man. Also, I'm running for election soon, so keep an eye out, I'll be talking about getting milkshake thrown on me, and how that just shows that I'm gonna win! (Stupid Jason ruined my joke, about a minute into the podcast).
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    Maybe because Dazed And Confused isn't all that great? I'd even argue Everybody Wants Some is better and doesn't feel as much like nostalgia for some recently bygone era. I disagree with the idea that a movie has to grab you the first time. I've definitely grown to appreciate movies I dismissed the first time. Sometimes I'm not ready for them. Sometimes I've misinterpreted the movie. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for a particular film. For example, this movie. I saw it once when I was probably 10 and, like Taylor Anne, at the insistence of my mother. I didn't get it at all. To put it in perspective, my mom had to explain that Wolfman Jack was a real person and that guy was the real Wolfman Jack. This time, I got it. But I think the nostalgia porn aspect of it isn't entirely 1962 but also that time in your life. You could change this film to 1982 or 2012 and the themes are still relevant even if the details like music and cruising the strip have changed. This is as much a movie about teens in the verge of adulthood, being stuck in the same town forever, being unsure of the future, the last night with the only friends you've ever had, and so on. There's nostalgia to it but it's not just baby boomer porn. It's practically a Bruce Springsteen song on film.
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    I get what they were saying, because the "downer ending" wasn't actually part of the movie per se. It comes off like an after thought and so you get this entire nostalgia trip that comes off really clean and then the movie technically ends, but then he puts this unnecessary extra shit at the end to be like lol jk the world sucks. It completely doesn't match the tone of the entire movie, including the music it's paired with. And it's very telling to me that none of the actors knew that was going to happen. In my opinion the plane flight at the end is the only way this movie should have ended. It's a hope and a fear at the same time. Leaving everything you know behind is terrifying and exciting and you don't know what's going to happen after that even in your own life. That's a good ending.
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    I found Paul and Amy's reading really ungenerous this time. On the one hand, they say it's just a superficial nostalgia trip, but on the other hand they complain about the downer ending. But the downer ending is exactly why it's not just a nostalgia trip! The movie is about the nature of nostalgia and the fact that such things are always fleeting. The Wolfman Jack scene and Ron Howard/Cindy Williams scenes (among others) definitely speak to this idea. Lucas added those title cards because he wanted to remind people of that. It's also really beautifully made on a technical level: the way it looks, how it's cut together (George Lucas' wife Marcia having a hand in this again), the way music is overlaid. Lucas really was a talented filmmaker at one time. It's just that his later work showed that he didn't really understand what made his movies work.
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    This movie had a lot of great ideas, and the set designs are still really nice, but it always felt so choppy to me, like entire scenes were missing or cut. I read a while ago there were a lot more gory torture scenes filmed, which you see bits and flashes of but have to pause the film to make out, but the studio scrapped them for the final cut. Can't imagine June liking this one at all. I can't watch eye violence either. And like 95% of old Italian horror (which I love) is all eye violence, which sucks, and I always forget, and then I spend the next few minutes after gagging. A tip for anyone, that website Does the Dog Die has all kinds of "does this movie have ____" yes or no questions and eye violence is one of them. It's been a real help for me.
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