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    It's been a hot minute It's time for... How Did This Get Named? Well this is a pretty straightforward one with a bit of a twist. So the phrase "body of evidence" is idiomatic and does translate into other language with the serviceable body double meaning. So do you call it that language's equivalent phrase and ignore the body reference? Nope. You double down on it. So in Japan Body of Evidence is simply... Body Simple and to the point right? Where is the interesting twist? Well the following year Madonna had another movie come out, Dangerous Game, and you do you want to know what that movie was called in Japan? Why Body II of course! There is no connection between the two movies other than a starring vehicle for Madonna. Just riding that high of popularity. It should also be noted the title "Snake Eyes" which is an alternate name for the movie anyway is the sub-title of the film making it "Body 2: Snake Eyes"
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    I just came across a site that contains a full early draft of Body of Evidence that includes several things that got changed once they actually filmed the movie including: Madonna filming one of her lovemaking sessions with Willem Dafoe and using the tape to blackmail him. Frank Langella’s bisexuality being discovered during cross-examination of him, not during Madonna taking the stand. Anne Archer confronting Willem Dafoe in the parking garage after the trial, high on cocaine, yet giving him information that makes him realize that Madonna was guilty. There’s also a scene where Willem Dafoe(who was named Dulaney in this early draft) tries having rough sex with his wife and here’s the dialogue from that: It’s a full script, so it’s a long read, but for anyone interest in the process this story went through, it’s worth checking out.
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    Tales from the Hood is another favorite of mine from the era, great performances including a super dark turn from David Allen Grier.
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    At least three people get killed with carrots and a umbilical cord is cut using a bullet. Plus, Paul Giamatti
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    Oof! Disney+ was super glitchy for us today. We were only able to watch about half of Mandalorian. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow so I can dive into all of the goodies
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    Also, I kind of feel as though I should dig up the world record holding longest ever thread for this, but given the proximity of Zac Efron, this feels right. I'm... kind of really excited about this?
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    I read a review that said the scene would have worked better if Henry Thomas was in silhouette. I kind of agree, but I thought that scene was so well-written and ambitious that I still found that scene really powerful. I didn’t explicitly say it before but Rebecca Ferguson was fucking awesome. And the girl (apologies for not checking her name) was great, too.
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    When you put it like that, I like it a lot more, but during the viewing I did not like it at all. I was kind of hoping they would just leave Wendy and Jack faceless throughout the film, which thank god they did during the ax flashback. To me - casting new actors in these extremely iconic rolls just kind of took me out of these really great moments. I'm more fine with Wendy being casted again to show new footage, but there was something about recognizing Henry Thomas that made me go, "Oh and there's Henry Thomas," not, "Oh my god he's seeing Jack now!"
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    I just watched Jiminy Cricket stick it to Wicket. Disney+ has got everything!
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    So earlier this year at one point in here, I mentioned how I'm definitely doing my best to come at every movie totally fresh, whether I'd seen it before or not. I also mentioned that there was one film on the list that this would be very difficult for me, because I think it's one star trash. Well, we finally got to it this week, because that movie is Forrest Gump. I still think I came at it fresh because it had been so long, but I still don't like it. My disdain for it is too strong. It is against everything I stand for and like in art. (I wrote a lot on Letterboxd about it, probably too much; I won't repeat myself too much here.)
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    Watching "Gamer" the other night makes me want to bump this up. It's so much more fun. Again, this isn't in the "bad movie" category, but more in the "This is so bat shit crazy, how did this get made?" category (which are my favorite episodes).
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    I just want to bump this up. I like the "bad movie" HDTGM episodes, but this would be in the rarer (and arguably more enjoyable) "batshit crazy" category of HDTGM (e.g.: Crank 1&2, F&F series, Face Off, etc.). It is a great film to watch knowing ABSOLUTELY nothing about it. I hope June, Paul, and Jason eventually watch this film. They might love it.
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    SPOILERS! Forget carrots, a man grabs bullets and sticks his hand in a fire so the bullets shoot out of their shells and kill another man! I love his movie!
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    To me this is like Crank 2 and Punisher War Zone where it's made to be just batshit insane. From it being a real life version of Bugs Bunny vs. Elmer Fudd to over 100 people being killed on screen, this movie is amazing. And I gotta give props to all of the unique ways they had Clive Owen kill people from using a chopped off hand to fire a gun and the Home Alone maze of death in the gun factory, this movie rocked.
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    I unironically loved this movie. It's so over-the-top that it's brilliant. Even so, I could see a pretty good HDTGM being done around it. It's not like "Crank 2" being intentionally insane kept them from making comedy gold out of it.
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    I like this movie actually. I like it how Paul likes Crank 2. It's obviously meant to be really cheezy so I think it would be a fun movie for them to do.
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    Everything you could ask for. Super cheesy dialogue, incredibly over the top action (death by carrot!), the original sex scene/gun fight (you're welcome Drive Angry!) and outdated hero tics (hates guys with ponytails, rich guys who don't signal when changing lanes, and moms who spank their kids). Of course this is the tip of the iceberg (lactating hookers with a heart of gold, Paul Giamatti fondling a corpse, a baby farm over a heavy metal club) there is no way to describe in this small space the craziness that is this movie. It demands a full HDTGM episode.
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