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    TIM BALTZ returns to talk about the Chicago jazz scene and more.
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    It's interesting because by all accounts this was a passion project for Jackman. Like something he had been working on and trying to develop for a long time something like 5 years. With that in mind I think he just liked the idea of "circus the musical" and he probably thought the message of accepting and loving yourself despite of appearance and what society thinks was good. What says that more than the freakshow, who is famous for the freak show, etc. and it was backwards worked into being Barnum.
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    This place went to shit quick. Might be a reflection of how much effort is he boys are putting in.
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    I mean the movie as it exists now is like 75% fictitious (he met his wife in his 20s, there was no affair, his museum burnt down a bunch of times, Zendaya and Efron weren't real people, he didn't retire to be a father) so I don't know why they didn't just full hog on making things up. I think having a made up story about Barnum is very much in keeping with the spirit of Barnum.
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    That’s what I mean though. The movie is almost entirely a work of fiction, so why tie it to Barnum at all? Does the Barnum name really carry that much cache in the 21st Century? And it’s not like the writers didn’t do their research. If the movie had been exactly the same except it starred Jackman as “Cecil the Circus Guy” would people have still gone to see it? Would it have even be green lit at all? Honestly, I wonder if the reason to put the Barnum name on it had anything to do with the impending implosion of the circus - which I believe ended the same year as this was released. I wouldn’t doubt it.
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    I feel like it's my fault somehow, but then again I feel that about most things.
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    Just imagine a journalism movie like All The Presidents Men or The Post but it's about News Of The World.
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    With both Tony and Bosch in the studio, who is digging the holes?
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