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    A coming of age comedy that’s kinda like Superbad for women. When it came out, some guys made idiotic “it’s ripping Superbad off so it’s terrible” comments. It successfully makes the material its own and is very funny, I think. It’s currently streaming on Hulu and worth checking out, or worth renting if you don’t have Hulu.
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    Oh I was deeply stressed, children terrify me especially really young ones! Thankfully I have figured it out I'm getting him tickets for the local children's museum/ science museum because someone else suggested that I give an experience. If that fails we go with Candy Land!
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    Make the Moon great again. Right now it just sucks.
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    Not a fan of the reasoning behind not releasing this episode. I really hope Don Cheadle is in a position emotionally where he wouldn't care about his co-star talking about a fucking terrible movie he did years and years ago on his podcast. Also its not like he's playing the role that makes this movie terrible, I think that very clearly falls into John Travolta's lap. He's in a fairly straight forward role that he performs perfectly well and unjustifiably so for how fucking awful the surrounding movie was.
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    I guess the similarity to Superbad is that it is specifically about two teenage friends trying to go to a party, only now they are girls (and also you have one who is short and stocky and one who is taller and slim). But despite the similarity in the plot setup the rest of the approach is pretty different. Superbad seems like it's more specifically about the nostalgic memories of the people who made it, despite being officially set in the present day (I mean, Van Halen dominates the soundtrack), while Booksmart feels more of the current day. I'd also like to point out that the movie actually did fine relative to its budget. I think the pattern of release was a mistake, trying to dump it into a lot of theaters in the middle of summer. That created financial expectations the movie couldn't match. Would have been better to have a gradual staggered release like a typical indie, so word of mouth can get around. Even so, $22 million domestic gross for a $6 million budget is fine.
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    Anyone calling Booksmart a rip off of Superbad needs to realize that Superbad isn't the even close to the first "high schoolers try to get to a party movie." The are similarities between the two but the are similarities with Booksmart and Dazed And Confused and The Stoned Age and American Graffiti. I liked this a lot. The leads are all funny. The emotional moments really work well and are believable. It's just an all around great movie.
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    I guess we can officially start referring to this as a mythical lost episode?
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    I love David Ayer and Joe Manganiello, they had a lot of potential together. But this was just a fun flick. Not meant to be too serious, yet still ridiculous. Kind of like Con Air.
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