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    Watching on Porn Hub gives the experience of this movie a little extra layer, because it feels exactly like a porn that has all the hardcore scenes cut out. The obvious things like the slow editing, grainy sound, bad acting are there... but also little details like the anonymous nature of most of the apartment sets, the bright daylight lighting, and the stark age and attractiveness gap between the 2 1/2 couples. Neil himself kind of comes off as the Ron Jeremy of non porn films.
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    After Dylan and Leah say good-bye as children, adult Dylan's voiceover says that he never saw Leah again. But he obviously does, so why say this? Like Paul suggested during the episode, this made me think the entire film was a Jacob's Ladder scenario, and it was going to be revealed at the end that he died during the car accident and only dreamed that Leah returned as an idealized version of herself: a doctor that tries to help him, someone that loves him unconditionally, and doesn't have any of the problems his wife has, eventually replacing her.
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    We should be back on schedule now. Apologies to anyone who watched Once (but it’s a really good movie so I hope you enjoyed it )
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    Is it just me or does Neil Breen look like a Gary Shandler version of the bug infested Vicent D'onofrio character in "Men In Black?"
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    This film really feels like it was made by someone who watched Twin Peaks and decided "THAT'S what I want to do!" This film has a lot of David Lynch type of shots right out of Twin Peaks: unexplainable abilities, an unknown character appearing and disappearing, mirrors shaking, long scenes where nothing happens, scenes dropping us into the middle of a conversation, etc. That black garbage bag room (inside the stone!) feels like Breen's version of the Black Lodge with strange backgrounds and multiple cuts of characters not moving.
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    I would say watch it only if you want to right now. Technically, it's Jammer's pick now. I had only wanted to bundle the two movies because the HDTGM schedule was off, but they fixed it, so we're back on track.
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    What was the deal with the cow skull (?) on the ground in the opening scene where Dylan and Leah are walking to where the magic box is buried? The skull literally moves to watch them as they walk by.
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    Unfortunately, it looks like the version I has access to was taken down.
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    The Golden Globes have spoken! Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and 1917. Better picks than last year at least.
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    In all fairness, they really need to cover Double Down, where Breen is a super covert secret agent, and Pass Thru, where he's a Messiah type character who comes to Earth to wipe out a percentage of bad people in order to start world peace. The funny thing about the latter is the number he's looking to wipe out is around 300 million people, which while is a large number it still leaves a large percentage of the current population on the world, and there are sure to still be a few assholes left over that would upturn the world peace apple cart. It's sort of like Dr. Evil demanding a ransom of $1 million from world leaders in the 90s when that's a now minute amount of money compared to a few decades prior.
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    Regarding Dylan saying "I know it was you" after Emily commits suicide: My impression is that has to do with Emily telling the boardroom therapist about Dylan's research into the world's most secret secrets in exchange for drugs. Ultimately, her guilt about this betrayal is what leads her to kill herself. I think this is also why Dylan lies to boardroom-therapist about seeing close-talking-folding-chair therapist — boardroom-therapist is an agent of the government and corporations, whereas close-talking-folding-chair therapist seems to be aligned with the stone-spirit. The actors playing those therapists are Gloria Hoffman and John Henry Hoffman and have no other credits on IMDB. Seems like there may be some more research in order!
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    I found this last night and me and some friends are gonna play
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    I just saw this on Netflix and it is completely terrible, and not in a good for the show kind of way. This could have been a remake that worked because the original isn't one of the biggest hits in the genre and really is only remembered for a few scenes and the giant twist at the end, so there isn't a high bar far the remake to at least meet for new and returning viewers alike. and instead fumbled every way that it could, which is even more shocking as there are solid actors filling out this cast. Rather than play into what people are expecting with the twist, it instead goes and focuses on what was a red herring in the original film, and did so boringly.
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    Ok so according to a source ( the boyfriend of the roommate of a girl I was seeing and the person who introduced me to this film early last year) Neal shoots with his own Ferrari/ cars and at his house in every movie he does or almost every one. The foyer of the psychiatrist is his house and maybe that pool party area is his backyard? I haven't been able to get any solid proof of this though. I will keep digging! I interacted with a child recently and am now, of course, ill so I'm not strong enough to watch his entire oeuvre to check.
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    So I may now have a copy of Double Down, and about ten minutes in we have this moment.
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    In no particular order: The Farewell Little Women Booksmart Rocketman Judy Parasite Knives Out
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    It's the first time I can ever remember a theatrical release getting essentially patched midway through its run in theaters.
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    I wrote down all the suggestions from this episode. Producer Josh's list Honorable mention: Avengers: Endgame 10. Under The Silver Lake 9. Lady Bird 8. Snowpiercer 7. Phantom Thread 6. The Grand Budapest Hotel 5. Black Swan 4. Paterson 3. Moonlight 2. Mother 1. Inside Llewyn Davis Engineer Devon's list Honorable mention: '71 10. Four Lions 9. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World 8. A Field In England 7. The Master 6. Under The Skin 5. The Raid 2 4. Raw 3. Moonlight 2. Lady Bird 1. Phantom Thread Paul's Famous Friends Jorma Taccone: Attack The Block Leslye Headland: John Wick, Mad Max: Fury Road, Black Swan Adam McKay: The Act of Killing Michael Weber: World of Tomorrow Conan O'Brien: Bone Tomahawk Levar Burton: Get Out Jenna Fisher: Bridesmaids Felicia Day: What We Do In The Shadows Janet Varney: Under the Skin Patton Oswalt: Mad Max: Fury Road Ike Barinholtz: Mad Max: Fury Road (someone who didn't say his name): Mad Max: Fury Road Seth Rogan: Mad Max: Fury Road Sarah Silverman: Bridesmaids, Wolf of Wall Street, Brittany Runs A Marathon, Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Justin Roiland: Her Emily Gordon: Would You Be My Neighbor?, Get Out, Phantom Thread, The Babadook Rob Huebel: The Lobster, La La Land Bendavid Grabinski: Mandy, MacGruber, Mad Max: Fury Road listener calls Shaun the Sheep, Cabin in the Woods, About Time, You're Next, Shame, Coco Swiss Army Man, Pitch Perfect, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Arrival First Reformed, Upstream Color, Detroit, Birdman, Killing Them Softly, Her, Her
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    I mean it was made by the Gunn family so...
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    I have the misfortune of living in a country that tends to get a lot of the artier movies late so I too am behind and can't help that much. Looking though the films of 2019 I have seen are just lots of ones I hated with a passion and the bigger ones everybody's already seen. The only one I would add to Grudlian's list is Us. My hot take, Us is better than Get Out.
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    i Just watched Jennifer Kent’s (director of The Babadook) The Nightingale on Hulu. Holy shit. I don’t believe in ordered lists but for me, this is going behind Parasite as number 2. a lot of controversy surrounded this film and people walked out of theaters when it screened at festivals. This is due to the fact that the film contains THREE rape sequences (including a gang rape), the death of children (including a baby) and some brutal violence. Plus it’s almost 140 minutes long. There’s no doubt that this is a film seething with rage. It’s also a very human and extremely well-made one, that is extremely well-acted and beautifully shot in the Outback. It has moments of character-based humor and is a buddy movie as well as a feminist revenge Australian western. For it’s length, the film never drags and Kent doesn’t shy away from the horror of the rape sequences, but she doesn’t linger on them either (plus, on Hulu you can just skip through them, which I was guilty of once or twice). she is a master of building to a brutal set piece, then easing back to observe the characters. It’s an unexpectedly moving film, actually. This film seemed felt similar to Django Unchained and The Revenant, but feels more grounded in reality. Like Ive said, Kent does not shy from brutality, but neither does Tarantino or many other male directors. I just feel like this film deserves to be talked about more and will age really well. Here’s the preview:
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    The studio has announced they are updating the special effects for the movie a week into its theatrical run. That has to be the fastest update in movie history.
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