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    Having worked in journalism, the difference between Wiseau and Breen really highlights the difference between what we called kooks and cranks. Especially working in science journalism, my colleagues and I would get hundreds of emails, letters, phone calls, DVDs, fully bound manuscripts, etc., from people who had made shocking discoveries that were poised to turn the world upside down if they could only get the word out. Like Wiseau and Breen, these men (and they were 99.9% men) all had an incredibly high opinion of their own intelligence and importance, coupled with a sub-amateur-level grasp of their subject matter of choice. Kooks, like Wiseau, have eccentric, disconnected-from-reality ideas, but also have a childlike enthusiasm for exploring them. Cranks, like Breen, are at war. Even if they aren't explicitly alleging a global conspiracy to suppress their findings and ideas, they are on a mission and need to know whether you're going to help them or stand in your way. Cranks are the ones that will actually show up at your office and ask why you haven't been returning their calls. That's why June's line about women being harmed in the making of this movie rang so true to me. The sex scenes in The Room were also gross and self-serving, but there is a sinister aspect to Breen that I just don't pick up from Wiseau.
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    This is DEFINITELY true. Years ago, after we watched Double Down, a friend who is a journalist reached out to Neil for an interview because he was doing a single night screening of Fateful Findings shortly thereafter in our city. He sort of bristled at the request, implying that he knew what my friend was trying to do (make fun of him, he assumed) and declined, saying that he could reach out to his publicist for a copy of the film but he would absolutely not be granting an interview. I don't think he was going to make fun of him! I think Neil was just not about to open himself up to that possibility at all. Bet he's pretty mad at this episode.
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    The Boys welcome back JON GABRUS to do a different kind of power hour.
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    A pea shell flung into the wind humorously is a comedy pod cast.
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    Leo gets dirty and ate meat despite being a vegetarian is about as ugly as I expect he's willing to let himself get. I think he got the Oscar because it was a kind of weak year for lead actors and the whole "can u believe leo never won an oscar!?!?!?!?!?!?!"
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    I love you Jon :) Gabrus :) I hope someday We Can Have A Salad Together :^)
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    OKAY! Back with my pick! Decided to go with one that's been on my list for a while. Something that has been near and dear to my heart for a long time. So without further ado, I present to you:
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