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    Live from the Beacon Theatre in New York City, Paul, June and Jason discuss the 2002 comedy The Master of Disguise. They talk all things Pistachio Disguisey including the Turtle Club, constant farts, Italian accents, and what it means to be a master of disguise.
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    I remember renting the vhs from the local video store as a kid. I think I liked it because I was a child and it was a movie. But was also deeply disappointed in what I was given? I know that I was mostly upset by the lack of Turtle work. I felt like the trailer promised me more of that nonsense than I got. I think that this was the first time I was let down by a movie and realized movies could be bad
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    I had trouble with this episode. It kept repeating or something? Did this happen to anyone else or is my apple podcasts haunted? I worked in a movie theater when this came out. So I saw it in the theater. (Since it was free.) All I really remember was--and I think it was this film--we had a standee in the lobby of the various characters Carvey plays. Usually someone would take those home. No one wanted it so it sat around it the back room for awhile. But in hindsight, I am surprised the studio spent the money to market this. Did they think it was good?
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    Hi everyone! Paul wondered where the $16 million budget came from. Might I suggest the soundtrack? Consider these songs: Walking on Sunshine; Papa Don't Preach; Whip It; Eye of the Tiger; Conga (Miami Sound Machine); U Can't Touch This (M.C. Hammer); Happy Face (Destiny's Child); and the themes from Jaws and Chariots of Fire, just to name a few. This is the soundtrack to a major blockbuster film, not this movie. Perhaps the director said to the music director, "use a song like this" (names the most obvious placeholder song he can think of)....and then they were too lazy to find a cheaper version, so they just used those exact songs.
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    Wow. I don't think I've ever heard "who turns out to be" in a trailer before, lol. it's also a 'crazy' doctor who turns out to be a 'mad' scientist. What a twist!
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    This movie was at least on the short side which made it relatively painless to watch. I didn't find it funny but there've been plenty of other movies for this podcast that were more of a chore to get through. I've been hung up on one particular detail in the film, which I noticed during the film's master of disguise training montage. Pistachio is seen reading "The Master of Disguise for Dummies." Of course, the For Dummies series is very well-known and widely available, which raises the question of why such a book would exist if being a master of disguise is supposedly a hereditary secret. Presumably, the intention of such a book would be to allow anyone who read it to be able to become a master of disguise, regardless of lineage, and it would mean that the Disguiseys' talent really isn't that special or unique to them, which would undermine the film's premise. In this universe, this book shouldn't exist, and the only justification consistent with the film's plot for such a book existing would be that someone in the Disguisey family made their own "for dummies" book and infringed upon that trademark (oh dear.)
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    Hey HDTGM Family! In case you missed it from a while ago, here's the shirt Paul and Jason were thrilled to see on me... Gish & Gertz! Made by yours truly and yes... I did send the guys their vey own based on their request. https://www.instagram.com/p/B0WRHzXHYa6/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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    For some reason I want to stress how terrifying the blue meanies are to a child. I still look at them and kinda shiver. They are not chill.
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    If Paul & Amy ever put out their live Beatles ep of Unspooled, you guys will be shocked how they refer to Give My Regards To Broad Street. (They didn't enjoy it.) haha
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    In case anyone questioned my bona fide as a fan...
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    I tried to rent this and couldn’t find it. It was a movie I saw in early childhood and have revisited throughout the years. It’s definitely an animated LSD trip (although since I’ve never taken LSD, I’m making an assumption and you know the old saying: when you assume, it makes you into an asshole. Or something like that).
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    Thanks to your comment I just spent the last 15-20 minutes comparing the songs from both stereo Sgt Pepper and Yellow Sub albums, the Songtrack, and a bit of the mono Sgt Pepper's on youtube lol. I feel like the mono is the most striking version. The stereo Sgt Pepper's, and even the Yellow Sub soundtrack just feel like they have some odd balance choices. While the Yellow Submarine Songtrack IS still stereo, I feel like they fixed a lot of the balance issues so it's closer to the mono version. Not quite there, but it has a much better sound than the other stereo releases. Bless whoever remastered the Songtrack. I'm not sure if that remaster is what's used on the blu-ray. Our TV sound system isn't really good enough for me to tell anyway. Also side note, was disappointed in the captions on the blu-ray. A few errors, plus anytime something like "I think I burnt me finger." came up they wrote "me" as "my", and no attempt to caption Old Fred's frantic yelling until he got to the "blue meanies!" part, even though you clearly hear "submarine" and "explosions" before that EACH TIME.
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    To comment on the other Beatles movies . . . Ringo tended to get a lot of focus because he was the best actor. He's the only member who had any kind of career as an actor after the Beatles. But it is kind of incredible that a band formed entirely on their own and just to play music (like, not a boy band where some producer is picking "types") wound up with four guys who were all also charming personalities who could hold up on screen. AND the music was also consistently great. We'll probably never see anything like that again.
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    Movies were mono at this time (maybe the are exceptions?)). I would summe virtually any streaming or DVD version would be mixed to stereo or 5.1. Maybe mono is an option but I doubt it's the default. So, we probably aren't hearing it as intended for theatres. The Yellow Submarine album was released only in stereo. There was a Yellow Submarine songtrack (not soundtrack) released around 2001 that was remastered and remixed that a lot of people liked. I, being a purist and snob, never listened to it. I would assume modern mixes of the movie utilize this? For Sgt. Pepper (and all the early Beatle albums and even a lot of albums at the time) were definitely mixed differently for mono and stereo. Sgt. Pepper and the white album definitely have notable differences for many songs. Some are even at very different speeds. Some have different sound effects entirely. The main reason for the differences are that more people had mono systems at home in 1967 and more care was put into mono mixing (at least for The Beatles). I don't know why they didn't mix in stereo and simply fold it into a single channel but I assume they had a reason. The mono version of Sgt. Pepper was released in 1967 but stopped being available as stereo became the standard. I don't think it was officially released again until the Beatles remasters in 2010 (or so, I don't remember the exact year).
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    I found an article about the Sgt. Pepper's album that said people weren't hearing it as intended until a recent anniversary box set. Since it had been recorded in mono special tricks were used to enhance the sound. All the stereo mixes most people heard lost a lot of the special audio. I'm wondering if the movie is a similar way. We might not be hearing the movie the way it was mixed for at the time?
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    I saw this movie once, on a big screen in a beautiful old theater. I think that's the right way to see it: surrounded by the colors and music and such, not distracted by anything else. It's very enjoyable that way. I'm sure on the small screen it loses something.
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    Ain’t no party like a lion-man-scorpion party ‘cause a lion-man-scorpion corn party is Manticory
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    Just watch this fucking trailer...
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    What, no Billy and the Clonasaurus?
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