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    Fun fact: Ewan McGregor tells a story of how he and Christian Bale had to film a rooftop sex scene where the director and camera crew were positioned on the next building. There were instructions beforehand but once they were, so to speak, up there, they were on their own. So Ewan and Christian got on with it, and did their sexy acting for what seemed like a very long time. They then thought, "well they must have enough footage now" and Ewan turned to the next rooftop and shouted to the crew "Was that OK!?!?" At which point they saw that the director and crew had already packed up and left.
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    At the*very* least I would have some more questions and need to get said parents before being ok with sentient cartoons stealing from my family.
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    Best part of the movie: Bill Murray: It's 'cause I'm white, isn't it? Michael Jordan: No. Larry's white, so what? Bill Murray: Larry's not white. Larry's clear.
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    Does Quizbowl count as a "sport" ? Technically there were Jr and Varsity teams!
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    I am simultaneously thrilled that I finally have unique information to impart on an HDTGM movie and horrified that this is that movie... Paul mentioned that Chuck Jones hated this movie. But you're not going to find an interview where he said so, because he never did, publicly. The news of Chuck Jones hating Space Jam actually originated with my friend and I. We were 17 when Space Jam came out and were (are) huge Looney Tunes fanatics. We bought and read every book we could on the subject... and Chuck Jones was our idol. We also happened to have a mutual friend: Mike Peters, the cartoonist behind the comic strip "Mother Goose and Grimm." One day, when we were at Mike's house, he surprised us by calling Chuck Jones on the phone and letting us speak to him on speakerphone for about 20 minutes. Space Jam had come out not too long before and we HATED IT. We also noticed that Chuck Jones was apparently not consulted or involved with the film in any way, despite recently having been given a lifetime appointment at WB animation. We could find nothing about his thoughts on it, so we asked him directly. His immediate response was: "Oh, it was terrible!" and went on to talk about how he had spent decades with these characters and said how painful it was to see them all acting almost completely out of character, doing and saying things they never would. After the call, Mike told us that Chuck disparaged the movie while giving a talk on the lot and was actually removed from the event! In 2008, Trevor wrote a blog post about our experience talking with Chuck, and that post has been cited all over the internet, spreading the news of Chuck's hate wide. Trevor has since become YouTube's "Looney Tunes Critic," a project he launched with a two-part video called "Space Jam Stinks," breaking down how awful this movie is over the course of an hour. Having argued with millennials for the last decade about what a piece of garbage this movie is, I am SO HAPPY that HDTGM tackled it. It's nice to have Paul, Jason and June firmly in my corner on this one.
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    WHITMER THOMAS returns to help The Boys make their HBO comedy special.
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    Apples or Oranges, they’re all the same to me Doc. Can you get them out of my butthole or what?
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    LIsten I am the right age for this movie. I was 7 years old when this was in theaters, and yes I did eat it the fuck up. Did I think this was a masterpiece up until listening to this episode? Yes... Here's my actual question though - How can June and Jason destroy this movie so much and then turn around and pledge their love to something like Drop Dead Fred?! #TeamSanity
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    Animaniacs is coming back? I loved that when I was younger, never knew why it got cancelled, until I actually read what happened to it, and as it turns out, it's this guy named Jamie Kellner who did it, and Jamie Kellner is a shit dick. He had a reputation for cancelling popular shows, because he didn't like them. He was the man who had the biggest hand in killing the silver age of Warner Bros. animation. So, if you liked: Batman: The Animated Series, and all of the shows in relation to that Animaniacs Freakazoid Tiny Toon Adventures Pinky and the Brain All but one, cancelled by Kellner. Apparently, because those shows were more popular among adolescents, and teens, Kellner decided "They're cartoons, cartoons are for little kids", and took a scythe to them, because of the advertisers, who were selling products aimed at younger kids. The show that wasn't cancelled, Pinky and the Brain, got poochied, when they added Elmyra Duff, and called it "Pinky, The Brain, and Elmyra", and it died a slow agonising death. And, just to add the cherry to the shit dick cake, Kellner is also the man who killed World Championship Wrestling, despite it being the highest rated show on TNT, because "I just don't like wrestling". Eric Bischoff had formed a consortium to buy the company from AOL-Time Warner, Kellner said "Okay, you can have the name, the trademarks, and the library, but I'm cancelling the TV shows, and not providing distribution", without that, it was worthless. So, instead of selling WCW for a huge amount of money and having 4 hours of high rated programming on the schedule, he cancelled the show, and Vince McMahon bought WCW for $2.7 million... at one point, WCW was worth close to $500 million. So, fuck Jamie Kellner.
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    I find it a bit disconcerting just how unquestioningly eager Jordan’s kids were to aid and abet Bugs and Daffy in stank basketball shorts larceny. I know they’re fans of the toons and all, but that’s really not an excuse. I mean, I’m a huge Beatles fan, but if Paul McCartney were to a break into my house at two in the morning to steal my father’s shoes and underwear, I’m going to call the motherfucking cops. Hell, Bugs and Daffy don’t even tell the kids *why* they’re stealing Michael Jordan memorabilia until they’re halfway out the door. Honestly, how much of a fuck up of a father do you have to be that your kids will gleefully give up your most prized possessions at the drop of a hat?
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    In all fairness, the sexualizing of Looney Tunes characters has a long and distinguished history. This is classy stuff, people! And for kids!
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    If you thought Lola Bunny was weirdly sexualised for a kids movie about basketball... these were actual adverts in the UK, for a chocolate bar.
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    While I object to the idea of animated sexualized animals, I think if you're going to have them there should be gender equality. For every Lola Bunny, you should have a male counterpart with abs and a chiselled jaw.
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    I think Jason may be traumatized from watching Jacob's Ladder and people forcing him to relive it almost every episode, so it makes sense to me that he rejects the idea of the soul.
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    When Jordan is initially seized by the Tune Squad, he is informed by Bugs that they are mostly concerned that they will be forced to perform “the same jokes every night.” However, as Paul mentions in the episode, according to the movie’s universe, all Looney Tunes cartoons perform their respective cartoons live. So if Bugs Bunny’s first appearance was in 1940, by the movie’s logic, that means he’s already been performing the same act, non-stop, for 56 years. Aren’t they kind of already doing what they’re afraid they’ll be forced to do? Instead of the threat being “we’re going to make you keep doing what you love doing, at the same frequency you’re already doing it, just someplace else,” wouldn’t the more appropriate conflict for a movie like this be if the aliens wanted them to *stop* being Looney altogether? At least then the threat becomes existential. Either they win the game, or they cease to be. This also can extend the threat to our Earth by claiming that without their zany antics, our world will turn into dreary, garbage can fire lit dystopia. I don’t know, but “forcing me to do the thing I love to do forever” seems pretty weak as far as stakes go.
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    Being the big basketball fan that he is, I was surprised that Paul thought Patrick Ewing was the only one with acting experience. Larry Johnson had his alter ego character, ‘grandmama’ that he played in several Converse commercials and in an episode of Family Matters. And he should have remembered that Barkley has done acting before, including Look Who’s Talking Now, which they covered on the show. BTW, which is more insulting, having the dog in Space Jam named after him or that homemade doll of him in Look Who’s Talking Now?
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    Do you think Marvin being the referee because he is both an alien and a Looney Toon and therefore impartial was intentional or is that giving this movie too much credit?
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    I’m just confused as to how Jason and June are so lost on why the title works. Let’s break it down: Jam (noun) - an awkward situation or predicament -- The Tunes found themselves in a bit of a JAM when they are kidnapped by aliens from SPACE. Later, the basketball players who have their talent siphoned away are also in a jam, caused by the same space dwelling aliens. Jam (verb) - slang term for a slam dunk in basketball. --This is the reason for its use in the title of the popular video game NBA JAM. In Space Jam, we once again reference the aliens from space and the generally fun-to-watch action of the slam dunk. Jam (noun) - slang term for one of your favorite songs - “Yo! Hit ’Em High is my JAM!” -- The soundtrack for Space jam was quite popular, with a number of hits including R.Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly”, which people may shun now, but was enormously popular at release and for years after. The title works in many ways, none of which are that much of a stretch to reach. Jason, June, stop hatin’.
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    I wasn't much of a student-athlete unless you count debate and mock trial as sports. There was, however, a free public tennis court near my house, so my family and I would go there and play. I haven't seen this film in at least a decade, and all I remembered about it was that Michael Jordan plays basketball with Looney Tunes characters. Watching it now as an adult, it's truly a bizarre film. Am I the only one who thought there were some weird racial undertones to the premise of the Looney Tunes having to play basketball against their potential captors to get out of slavery? Also, I don't think we discussed enough how much of a creep Bugs Bunny was in this movie. Why is no one talking about the fact that he kissed Michael Jordan? That would not fly in a post-#metoo world. This guy's walking around fully nude, planting unwanted kisses on famous basketball players, and openly leering at another bunny who, for male gaze reasons, happens to have boobs and a big butt. Way to ruin my childhood. I also have a lot of questions about the mechanics of losing one's talent in this film. At the 24 minute mark, one of the players tries to drink from a water bottle and fails spectacularly. You can be bad at basketball and still be able to drink water! Additionally, the stolen talent made the monstars both taller and beefier than the actual players are, which is odd. Also, clearly that demonstrates that size is considered a contributing factor to the players' talent, and yet none of them shrinks when their talent is stolen. None of this makes much sense. Finally, there was a very disturbing moment at the 22-minute mark, where some of the aliens are bundled up in a coat and hat and go to watch a basketball game. The aliens are moving around and talking to each other and the woman beside them says to her male companion that "the guy next to us is doing something very strange in his coat." To me, that implies masturbation, and I don't know why the man doesn't seem to care or be bothered. I figure that most people if they thought someone was masturbating beside them at a basketball game might try to talk to one of the employees about it, or at least be concerned.
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    My favourite part of this episode is when Paul started talking about sports, and most of the audience had no idea what he was talking about. Then I realised that must be what it's like when I talk about Mortal Kombat. "You see, that's this woman named 'Kronika', she's the keeper of time, and she's pissed at Raiden for fucking with the timeline in MK9, so she's coming after him, and brings people from the past to help her..."
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    I love how she straight up gets away with murdering her husband by claiming self defense when anyone investigating the scene could see that it had to be completely pre-meditated. I mean, the power was cut, phone lines cut, shit was rigged to break and fall apart, potential weapons were moved and stashed into places where he couldn't get them, etc. The house was a giant box of kill. Also, her husband had his cop buddies looking out for him, right? When he turned up dead, did they just fucking give up and drop it all right there? This was one of those movies that seemed to WANT to have a good message, that you have to stand up to the abuse and fight back, but it went about it in just the most ridiculously wrong way. Hey, speaking of fighting back, didn't J-Lo become a black belt in an afternoon? I think this movie is PERFECT for an episode!
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