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    It really does suck. Didn’t he say they would never do QotD, but then they just let this guy pester his way into getting his movie picked? You’ve been a loyal listener and forum contributor for YEARS! If anyone deserves to get their movie discussed it’s you. I don’t know, I’ve just never really been all that charmed by the Transformers bit.
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    I reread mine and see how it could be misconstrued. I'm very upset by the choices made regarding these two movies lol.
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    For the record, I’ve never seen QOTD and would 100,000,0000,0000,000% rather watch that than a Transformers movie.
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    He said Avaryl vetoed the choice It's one of those bits that started off funny for me and has gone on long enough that it lost its humor. If they keep doing it maybe it'll get funny again, but who knows how long we'd have to endure it before it got funny again.
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    The Transformers movies are beyond bad. They’re more like an aural/visual lobotomy. Plus they’re racist, sexist, boring and LONG! If they do cover a Transformers movie, don’t watch the whole thing, just watch the CinemaSins Everyrhing Wrong With on YouTube. They compress the whole experience into twenty minutes and you’ve saved yourself 2 1/2 hours +.
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    Welp, definitely misread your response. Time to start your mail in campaign because, apparently, that works.
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    I think you're misunderstanding which one Avaryl vetoed... She vetoed Queen of the Damned, despite Paul telling me he expressed interest in doing it. She never has put a stop to this Transformers nightmare.
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    If people are still looking for recommendations, I've been enjoying the new podcast by Joel McHale and Ken Jeong, The Darkest Timeline. As you might expect there is a lot of Community related content, but even if you're not into that show there's a lot of funny stuff. For example, the following stretch of the latest episode where Pedro Pascal talks about his dad taking him to some HDTGM fodder in the late 70s.
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    Well, according to this Tweet, the whole thing is over now. They ran out of copies. I want to say I heard somewhere (maybe Twitter), that “M Bay” made a documentary of the whole thing...
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    At first blush, I was reminded of Tom Clancy's novel and then video games Rainbow Six, a fictional multinational counter-terrorist organization named Rainbow. I guess the "Six" comes from Seal Team Six. Since the book came out in 1998 and this movie was in 1982, do you think Clancy may owe some credit to Megaforce? And it even feels like Delta Force (1984) with Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin may have borrowed a bit, particularly the vehicles.
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    Ep 142 The Phantom Best Story from Paul's Past--6:06 Paul's story of trying to ingratiate himself to his girlfriend's father through the Phantom and Dalmations. Best Audience Explanation Hope--1:02:55 Knitting Girl returns with a present for Paul and June and an extra large scarf for Jason's dick. (She was previously in Ep 136 Hell Comes to Frogtown @ 4:11) Best 2nd Opinion--1:28:53 A long post about how The Phantom helped the reviewer stand up to bullies. Best Guest Laugh--Ed Brubaker
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    Personally, one of my favorite Episodes is #212: Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 A. They have tons of shit-talking about Canada because Seth Rogan is a guest, B. At least two funny one-liners from Rogen. The most outrageous/tasteless is after one of Mary Lou’s victims is killed by strangling and then the ghost throws her out a window and it’s confusingly ruled a suicide (32:40) Seth Rogen: “because she was pregnant, she had to kill herself twice.” Everyone’s shocked reaction—particularly Charlize Theron’s—is priceless, with Jason jumping right in after. 11:09 Jason: Listen, we all know Canadian dads love to tongue-kiss their dAughters. Canadian bashing continues.... Seth: it’s called a Saskatchewan goodnight. C. June’s ignorance of smoke bombs is hilariously mocked (18:18 onward) there’s just lots of funny stuff in this episode!
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    My new choice (and it’s free on Sony Crackle): Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest.
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    I'm guessing it's just a military motto as described in sites like this. Not unusual for a small military force to have its own slogan a la semper fidelis. Amused to see that the latin version of Deeds Not Words ("facta non verba") is used by Canada's own JTF2 elite strike force. Though "Balls of the Corps" (see #4 on the list) is pretty impressive too. I think it actually makes sense for the movie thematically too, especially at the end, where I guess we are supposed to take away that Strong Men of Action like Ace and Duke are more honest and honourable than weaselly generals putting them in harm's way and then leaving them hanging.
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    Has anyone been able to come up with an explanation for why the tag line of this movie is “Deeds Not Words”? Because as far as I can tell, that motto is not said in the movie.
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    All the promotion, episode title, etc. should be "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," but in the actual episode they make ZERO mention of the film, and the movie they will actually be discussing is 'Queen of the Damned.'
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    1) F—Baranski; M—Streep; K—Walters (sorry) 2) F—Brosnan; M—Firth; K—Skateboard These answers are the only correct answers.
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    F, marry, kill: Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski, Julie Walters Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skateboard
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    Ok, so i know CBB topics aren't a thing anymore, and i know no one from the show will probably even see it, but i just had to find a way to thank Scott and the folks at Earwolf for all the hard work that they have done and still do. 11 years is a lot, and even though i haven't been around for all of it, you now make a big part of my life and make myself and thousands of other people very happy every week. This is a sincere thank you. As for this ep, i just spent 1 hour and 40 minutes laughing my head off. Jason and PFT are MVPs as always, Gabrus is amazing ( How does he do it? Where does he come up with all these completely different characters? Every. Single. Time. ), Carl and Ego are a joy to listen to, and Lily is a wonderful new addition to the gang. Thank you to all of you
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