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    If you peel my rutabaga I’ll cream your corn.
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    I should be able to do this. I'm 95% unfamiliar with Kast since I only messed with it a few months ago. So, we'll see how well I can get this working. I, at least, made sure I can log into the app still.
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    I will still do a Kast party tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Eastern to show Fiddler. I'll try to be on before that to do a quick troubleshooting test.
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    Splish splash I was rhyming bath with splash.
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    You look so good I could eat you, metaphorically of course. Then afterwards I’d metaphorically shit you out and take a shower.
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    Man, I love Jurassic Park, but IMO the dopey "It's a UNIX system!" scene alone drops it below Jaws. I'll agree that it does have better effects and better-choreographed action, but in terms of story/character/dialogue I don't think it's close, Jaws wins hands down. I would keep every Spielberg on the list except Saving Private Ryan. Good movie, but there are enough war movies and this isn't so clearly better than the other ones.
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    *** HUGE SPOILERS FOR THIS EPISODE *** W in the actual F.
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