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    That is so incredibly kind of you! Thank you. He was a great man. He served in the military taking photos, and until the day he died he never told me what he did really, done, or saw in the war. He was one of a kind.
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    As a regular user of CBD oil and THC when I can, I highly recommend it. It's legal here in Canada, hopefully all of the states will follow suit soon. If I could snap my fingers Thanos-style and replace all alcohol with weed and all cigarettes and coffee with mushrooms, I would, and I'll bet the world would be a much healthier and chill place.
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    My dad's uncle passed away recently and he has hundreds of vinyl records. I already posted that I saw his The Jazz Singer Record and told my dad, I have to have this no matter what. I also have the original musical Fiddler record, and I am keeping that along with the original Sound of Music and other musicals! I am so excited to listen to them all!
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    I love this film. It's got at least two enduring lines/scenes that I will never forget (though I've forgotten the rest of the film). One is the dude whose thesis is that at any time there's always a Gene Hackman film somewhere on tv. And never wear a band shirt to the band's show.
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    I have used CBD Oil and smoked hemp. All it did was help my back pain, make me less anxious, and then extremely tired with lead to some of the best sleep of my life.
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    Sorry about your dad's uncle's passing.
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    IIRC @Cameron H. likes Monster Trucks so there's hope.
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    Bless the heart of the girl who was having surgery and worried. I have had three surgeries in the past month and I look forward to the legal "high" of oxygen and then the gas. At this point with surgery I am like, eh. Let's do this. That is the only reason I am okay with dental work. I have never been worried with surgery, no matter what I have had done. I feel like, man, when they hook up that gas I am the happiest I am ever. I have never done drugs, or I have never abused legal drugs. This for me is a little bit of joy in a hard time. I also have the most amazing, poignant thoughts which is this on repeat, "Wow. I have the most amazing poignant thoughts." and that is the same thought I think over and over. Seriously though, I hope her surgeries have gone as well as mine have, and she is resting at home along with me listening to the backlog. Feel better soon!
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