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    I am not looking forward to this movie. There is nothing more I hate than these movies that are trying to be bad on purpose. I think the reason a lot of us like so bad they are good movies is that they are earnest and honest with their schlock. There is a big difference between the first Sharknado and the third one. It went from doing something silly and fun to being way too in on the joke and taking the humor away by not even trying or trying to be funny when it is just lazy. That's why I think Black Dynamite is one of the best comedies of the last 20 years or so. It understood what made blaxplotation films fun and bad and recreated that in an honest way for laughs. To the point where there are subtle things like booms dipping into shots and purposeful "bad" acting that sell those jokes. It comes off as a bad movie, but you know everything was done for a reason and thought out to be a reference or callback to these movies its making fun of. Most of the time these film makers think that you just slap something together and call it intentional you call all laugh at it even though it's just an excuse for them to actually craft jokes or film something with style.
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    Quar chat with Jason, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and more on this week's mini episode! Paul offers up advice on the Help line, goes through corrections and omissions for 2:22, and chats with Jason about everything they're watching. Plus, we announce our next movie! Subscribe to Unspooled with Paul Scheer and Amy Nicholson; check out the Jane Club at janeclub.com; check out HDGTM merch at Teepublic! Follow @paulscheer on Instagram and Twitter, @junediane on IG and @msjunediane on Twitter, and Jason is not on social media.
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    Let’s duck-rabbit this fuck habit.
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    I always go balls deep, but you have to when you got a little dick.
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    I like my women like I like my coffee, strong, salty, and deep in my ass.
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    Toilet humour will make you friends, thru the camaraderie of the U-bend.
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    Hey Y'all, I made a quick video for my theme, "This Is Paul's Help Line" that was on this weeks episode. Check it out if you want to listen to the same thirty second song, over and over and over. Peace, Ted
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    Velocipastor is pretty nutty and I was sold as soon as the "insert burned car" or whatever popped up on the screen. As for RDR2, that was a truly amazing game that still hasn't had all of its easter eggs and hidden gems discovered in it, plus you can literally spend hours doing countless things that don't do anything to progress you through the game as Jason was doing by fishing and hunting, and still feel fulfilled when you stop playing.
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    I've never been a poll worker, but I have done election protection, where I monitored polling locations, making sure the lines aren't crazy or people who show up and not on the list get it figured it out or voters aren't discouraged and turned away or whatnot. That's really satisfying too! (Depends on the state rules, so unsure if this is a requirement, but I did this in my capacity of having a law degree.)
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    That was such a good episode; I'd love to hear more of Jason's thoughts on Fallout 4 and what paths he chose. This weekend I'm going to watch some no-commentary longplays of The Last of Us/Left Behind/Part II. They fall into the category of games I'd love to play but understand I am not great at playing.
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    That’s awesome @muttnik! I hadn’t even thought about working at the polls until today’s episode. I think your endorsement just clinched it
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    Yes! Please sign up if you're thinking about it/could use a few extra bucks! It's so important! I'm signed up for my state as a laptop operator and guys, it's the easiest job. And believe me, if someone with anxiety, ASD, and ADHD is telling you it's a breeze, it'll be like an ultra mega Geostorm breeze for ya. Do it!
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    Paul: "We've capitulated and decided to do Transformers." Me: "Ugh...I'll pass." Paul: "All proceeds will go to charities promoting election security." Me: "...God damn it ::sigh:: Take my money."
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    The story of Star Wars is the story of building new lightsabers:
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