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    The fact that Chadwick Boseman was in this popped into my head recently. Gods of Egypt was one of my go-to fun, bad movies for a while. The multiple Thoths scene was one of the fun bits where GoE had potential.
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    Sorry for your loss but that doesn’t mean you can come to my house, take cheese out of my fridge, and rub it on your chest until you are happy again. You must accept Jimmy is gone
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    8 year old me thought this movie was the funniest thing ever, and I watched it at my dad’s house a million times. I’m surprised the vhs didn’t suffer a tragic “accident.” I still enjoy working the occasional “what does God need with a starship?” into conversation, though.
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    I heard about this movie for the first time recently, and I’m shocked it hasn’t been covered. The elevator pitch I got was “Elijah Wood is mad at his parents and tries out families from different cultures. He likes the Inuit until Grandpa is sent to die on an ice floe. It was all a dream.” How did so many famous people get roped into this and did it break Rob Reiner’s spirit?
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    I almost wrote—via typo—I’m Thinking of Ending Thongs! That would have been a very different movie. Anyway, I read the book—which I admired in parts but overall didn’t like—about a week before I saw the movie and I’m glad I did. It gave the movie—which I liked better than the book—a framework that the movie doesn’t have as you’re first watching it. It frees you from wondering where the fuck the plot is in the movie. I can see why this book appealed to Kaufman and the subject matter is definitely in his wheelhouse. I just wish he would partner back up with Spike Jonze or Michel Gondry or somebody. I enjoy the films he directs on a cerebral level, but they’re cerebral on a level that’s almost totally closed off from accessibility. He’s never made a film that I’ve disliked, I just think he needs a partner to pull him out of his own head. At least the movie is periodically funny if you can get on its wavelength (the book is NOT) and the acting is great. Both the book and movie are overlong and fairly pretentious at points, but it’s worth watching if you’re a Kaufman fan/want something weird and experimental.
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    On the matter of S'mores vs. Cheesy Popcorn: Which one is just Styrofoam coated with the smell of feet? Not S'mores! Which one leaves dust on your fingertips like a bad cocaine habit? Not S'mores! Which one sticks in your gums like a lost fingernail? Not S'mores! I rest my case.
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    After seeing the film, I'm not sure if you're 100% right or maybe being a bit too hard. I get that there are limitations on having a small budget ( this apparently cost 35K ), and you might as well face those limitations head-on and just be honest/jokey about it, but then there were a couple of scenes when they're definitely playing it cheap on purpose, a couple of actors who are laying it on way too thick, and a couple of lines of dialogue that really straddled the line between 70/80s schlock and just straight on icky/weird. And like @theworstbuddhist said, it's surprisingly boring for something with such a fun premise and only 70 minutes of run time. I guess your mileage may vary, but it's definitely not a chore like some of their picks are.
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    A chicken in every Schnickpot and a Colfax on every ear of corn.
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