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    This movie is also available FOR FREE on Hoopla which may be available through your library.
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    Definitely! I missed the first one. And hopefully they extend the watch time after
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    Going to a family birthday/Halloween party where my 8-year-old niece is Rey from Star Wars, my six-year-old nephew is a Minecraft or Roblox character (I forget), and my twelve—year-old nephew is Dwight Schrute. I’m going as a magician—not as nearly as thought out. Happy Halloween!
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    Man, you watched that movie/made the survey in record time! Impressive!
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    Well thank you, all and Paul. I did not expect to win because I contributed nothing to the discussion. But I also win nothing so that’s fair. I just listened to this after my one year post surgery cancer check up. So I did tear up which is possibly not related to my winning nothing but more because I also just got a call that all the tests and blood work came back normal. Yay me.
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    Congratulations @Elektra Boogaloo! Well deserved win!
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