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    All of these posts are so thoughtful and well written. I’m bringing none of that. The tap dance in iambic pentameter to me felt like what they probably did on day 1 of their 3 week rehearsal so that Matthew Lillard could understand how to read and deliver the text. That was some real ta-ta-tee-tee-ta 3rd grade music class stuff right there.
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    Vaginas take too much work!!! They are so labia intensive!!!
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    Metaphors are like similes, they're a bird in the wind. Poop.
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    I am history plays girl. In defense of Branagh (and again I am team Emma Thompson. He cheated on her), he has done commercial blockbuster stuff. Not just Potter, but directing “Thor, “ “Cinderella,” and “Artemis Fowl.” What is interesting is that he didn’t put himself as an actor in those movies, although he does a voice in AVENGERS INFINITY WAR, eta: oh wait I think that is the point you we’re making. He directed jack ryan too??? I didn’t know that. I read this too fast. Move along.
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    If you're tracking my cookies, you're kooky. They burst out of my butt when I dookie.
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