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    The first time I saw it, it was included. Shortly after that, I found out from friends that it was originally cut and I'm not sure any version I've watched since then has it. I've never missed it. I just think it's weird that every few years, there's a story about "here's the song you didn't see!" when it was very available on multiple formats.
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    That is an excellent point and I admit I was taken in by it. I didn't research that when I posted my comment, although I did see that it had been available on VHS and such. On reflection it is weird that there were multiple videos on YouTube for a supposedly "missing" song. So much for my critical thinking skills.
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    I will say, this was my eldest son's first time watching it. Neither he nor his brother have ever really been into Muppets, and he seemed to really enjoy. He was really invested. It was suitably creepy for a kid his age, too.
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