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    As I stated in my Letterboxd review I think I get what they wanted to do with this movie. They liked the classic animation style of Max Fleischer aka Betty Boop and that rubber band animation style and they wanted to do a weird live action version of that. However, much like another film that I loathed that HDTGM did, Velicopastor, they want to do a send up of something without understanding what it was they were sending up. Like Fleischer cartoons were not pushing bounties when it came to being offensive, they pushed them a bit it terms of suggestiveness perhaps, so when they had a blackface character it wasn't being edgy it is just what people did at the time. The women were sex bombs and suggestive but they didn't just have their tits out. It just seemed to me that idea was a hook to hang their hat on and what they really wanted to do was just be weird for the sake of being weird and offensive because it's easier to be offensive than come up with actual jokes. Doing things on the cheap and trying to get away with it, crouching offensive humor behind a guise of "Well these people do drag" or "this man is gay" to justify just cheap and shoddy jokes. Fun fact I own two copies of this movie but didn't watch it until the other day. Both were gifted to me by people that know I like weird movies and I like bad movies. To be fair to them on paper it does seem like something I would enjoy. If I was 20 years younger I may think different as I do now. The funny thing is earlier this year I watched a documentary on the band The Residents and they talked about this movie briefly in it. The Elfmans were friends with The Residents and they were filming it in their space. There is a difference in what the difference between what the The Residents were doing and what Forbidden Zone was doing. One is actual art with something to say. The execution comes off as weird but they are trying to say something. Forbidden Zone wants to be that but has nothing to say. Heck, Holy Mountain and El Topo are bizarre surrealist movies but again they are trying to say something.
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    That's fair. If you can watch it for free, it's worth looking at, but bail when it gets too much. Like, again, I don't mind so much if things want to push boundaries, but I like there to be some kind of point behind it. If it's just sort of shock value for shock value's sake, which doesn't really work for me. Literally, it starts with some minstrel show nonsense, and ends with a group number with a whole bunch of nonsense in there with, seemingly, no purpose. Like mermaids and Jesus with a crucifix, but it doesn't really add up to anything other than, "Are you offended yet?"
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    Me watching this movie with my eyes closed and fingers in my ears humming...
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    I hear you and I agree that the show pushes the boundaries of comedy, as it always has! I mean Geno, right lol? But then again, I always look for elevated jokes that go above. Listen I have no intention of telling you how to express your comedy and I love your catchphrase posts. Theyโ€™re great and I hope you keep posting/get on the show.
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    I liked the music. I have no problem with it
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    I had similar problems where I lost my password/username combo and just couldn't get back in no matter what I did. That's why my username has "2.0" on it now. I had to re-register and leave the old one behind.
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    Umm, you skipped the biggest question. Did you like Peco & Sepulveda?
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    I think this has always been the case. When I signed up, I had trouble just posting for some reason. I thought maybe I missed a confirmation email or maybe there was a wait time to limit bots or something. I sent a message to support and never heard back. I eventually just made a different account.
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    The talk about lack of support reminds me when I couldn't log back into my account for about two months as I had my password/username logged in and it got cleared when I updated my browser. Tried contacting support and got zilch for it, and was only able to get back on by process of elimination of my login combos. It's also kind of telling when this is really one of the only forums still going on the page as other shows have fallen off the map or haven't even been given one, like How Did This Get Played when I checked a few months back, though that could have changed.
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    Tom Hardy has said this performance was the most picked by his classmates in acting school for monologue practice. Also I have to assume Gerard Butler also saw this and said to himself "every performance will be that minus 2, next stop Hollywood."
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    I kind of hate it when people ask how something got made, and the answer is drugs. It always feels sort of lazy to me. However, watching this, I don't think it was made because of drugs, but I think it is meant to be watched while high. There's not really much of a plot, so my mind would wander from time to time, and then, suddenly, there would be, like, a chicken talking. This wouldn't be explained. It would just kind of happen. I think the kind of X-Rated Sesame Street, ADHD-ness of it is meant to be taken in all at once. It's made for you to just catch certain things on different viewings. Not that I would want to re-watch it, but for, like, the kind of people who would want to.
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    But seriously, I had a massive migraine yesterday and couldn't start watching this until last night. I just finished it. Honestly, I'm not too sure what to think of it. Let's see if I can work it out. My prevailing feeling is one of nausea. Like, the whole thing is gross. Not just with the sexism and racism, but just everything about it turned my stomach. However, I think this was absolutely the type of visceral reaction they were hoping for, so, like Mission Accomplished? It felt very student art filmy. Very punk rocky. very John Waters-y. But, without the deftness of any of those things, and kind of fails at everything it is trying to do. Like, if I look at it at a Comedy, I don't think it's very funny. If I look at it as a Musical, *most* of the numbers are intentionally terrible. It also misses me as an Art Film as it seems to lack a point beyond lets be as offensive as we can be. I mean, there's a word for people like that, and it's "asshole." So...the movie is kind of a big asshole. Again, I feel like that was very much the intention of the film, so I guess it succeeds. In a weird way, I'm glad I saw it. It's definitely not something I would have ever picked for myself, I hadn't even heard of it before, and that's what I like about Musical Mondays. It forces me to go outside of my comfort zone. That being said, I would neve want to watch this ever again. It is pretty fucking distasteful -- lol.
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    Ah Jamie "I can get piss drunk and make lame video game jokes at an E3 presentation" Kennedy, the lukewarm gift that keeps on giving. I think he's still getting into Twitter arguments with people about that debacle to this day. As for Jane, even the Punisher short film he did to try and build interest in a return movie for him was completely off the mark of what the character was, as he deliberately ignores various crimes to cheekily do his laundry, and only getting involved after a woman has been assaulted to the point she's almost limping. He's done good things before and after his fall but it is interesting to see how he's just settled into this spot of doing the same role and either wearing the same wig or talking like he has Bells Palsy as a way to try and make it look like he's adding layers to his character.
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