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    Good afternoon! Coming soon the HDTGM Message boards will be migrating to Discord! There are a few reasons for this, but most important reason is that the Earwolf Forums have become difficult for new listeners to come and participate. @JammerLea@AlmostAGhostand I have been working on making this transition as seamless as possible, providing a space that is inclusive where the HDTGM community can grow. As of now, the Discord Room, with Paul, Molly, and Cody's blessing, is officially open! Of course, there are sure to be a few growing pains, but ultimately, this will be an exciting step forward. Important Information: C&O's for A Gnome Named Gnorm have already been culled for the mini episode dropping 1/22 C&O's for the next movie will be pulled from both the Earwolf Message Boards AND The HDTGM Discord to be read on the mini episode dropping 2/5. After 2/5, ALL C&O's will come from the HDTGM Discord. I have great affection, and it's sad to see them go; however, after working on Discord, I do think it will be an fantastic change of venue. I hope to see you all there Discord Link: https://discord.gg/5fwTmtSpG8
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    I kind of enjoyed watching it because of Nolan's filmmaking technique making the individual sequences compelling, but as a story it didn't make me feel anything. There's just no grounding for anything that's happening for the bulk of the running time, because the film is deliberately trying to hide information from you. I don't know why characters are doing things or what they want, so I don't care that much. Does it eventually come together? Yes, I suppose so. But that's a long time for a movie to keep you in the dark. In general I like Nolan, but I think he has his little tics and flaws that are starting to become more obvious as his movies get bigger and more intricate in their plotting. For me he still hasn't topped Memento, where the small scale forces him to actually spend time with the characters and give you something to care about. I also thought his approach worked pretty well in Dunkirk, because the stakes are already pre-set (it's a war and the soldiers need to be rescued from the beach), so I don't need to know much more.
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    Hickory dickory dock, don’t touch that crusty sock!
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    It's pretty but vacuous. I liked it fine, but have no desire to see it again, and found it really surprising that people kept saying that you needed to see it several times to Get It. I think I got it. Eh. It's definitely not as bad as Interstellar though, which made me groan out loud in the theater with the whole love thing I had really been enjoying it up to that point, and boy did it go downhill fast after that. I don't think I've been so upset about a ( normal, not HDTGM-type ) film ever since.
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    I know Jerry Orbach is sabotaging the investigation, but it seems weird that the police didn't thoroughly check the playground to find a briefcase filled with money. Certainly the murder site would have some police check out the area for evidence. A briefcase under a merry go round should have been noticed. Unless the crime scene investigators are in on the crime with Jerry Orbach, this is sloppy police work.
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    Again, I contend that he was originally told to or decided to play the character as a cokehead.
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