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    Hey all, Producer Devon here. Of course making Closing Up The Plug Bag remixes from the episode audio is a tried and true tradition, but just in case anybody wants to take Scott, Ben and Horatio's individual tracks to reassemble them with a little more control, here are the stems! Happy remixing! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/18tgr7pewbheztu/AABeubapmIuGFZ6NrHomQ1RVa?dl=0
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    Birds of a feather fuck together.
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    A turd in the hand is worth poo in the toosh
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    Hey Elon, how 'bout sending MY ex to space...?
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    I finally bit the bullet and made my dentist appointment. The dentist told me to stop biting bullets.
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    You can't have your ass and eat it too
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    I see London, I see France. These new bionic eyes are hurting my head!
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    First time caller. Long time pervert.
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    Dress me in lace and spit in my face. Happy anniversary babe.
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    I made a plug bag remix. I think it's pretty good. Downloadable Here:
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    She’s the best proctologist Ohio has ever seen.
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    My teacher refused to believe that my dog ate my pussy.
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    If I had a dollar for every time I crapped my pants in public, I might break even on all these diapers.
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    I built a white picket fence around my perineum. It’s a quaint taint.
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    This should win for the name alone…
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    Bump. BUMP. BUMP This one has to be done. There are D&D podcasts and I'm sure a host of one would love to come on and help roast this piece of shit.
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    It's on DVD, that's how first watched it.
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    Yeah...doesn't it suck when the Earwolf Police come by your house every time they do one, point a gun at your head, and force you to listen. But thanks for sharing your opinion. You seem like a lovely person.
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