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    Listener's choice is Hoop Dreams.
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    Hi. My name is Scott Ackerman. And for the next hour; let’s laugh. Together.
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    Nipple tassels are my casual Friday.
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    In this lane there should only be equestrians on foot, and pedestrians on horses
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    Chapter the 32nd: In which our intrepid protagonist visits Constantinople and is baffled when he finds himself in Istanbul.
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    I have also literally created an account to chime in and ask for more Bonanas for Bonanza. Not only is this is the sole podcast that compelled me to fork over my hard-earned money for a Stitcher Premium account, it's also the only podcast I've recommended to my mother that she actually enjoyed (and believe me, I've recommended a bunch). Intergenerational cross-over appeal! I'd also like to encourage Dalton to start thinking bigger than the next 412 podcasts. I wouldn't expect Ben Cartwright would limit himself with city-slickin numbers talk, so neither should Bonanas! YEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWW
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    I wouldn't hold your breath on Middleditch ever being asked back.
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    It's very annoying that it doesn't say anymore who the guests are. Especially since this will prevent us from searching for guests in the future. Say I'm in a Lauren Lapkus or Andy Daly mood, I cannot search for their episodes anymore. Often when a new episode is released, I have to close stitcher and open the apple podcast app to see who is on this week. It can't be in your interest to create confusion for those who actually subscribed to Stitcher.
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    My milkshake brings all the slightly outdated references to the yard.
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