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    When life gives you Lyme Disease, make Lyme Diseaseaid.
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    Roses are red, violets are red, these nightvision goggles are pretty cool!
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    Clamp him! Clamp him, your majesty!
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    Spread the meat.
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    Cherries aren't berries. Nuts ain't butts. Pasta comes lasta and kibble is for mutts. Hi I'm Steve and I'll be your waiter today.
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    Sure - I’ll eat the milk and cookies. I really just want that milk tho....
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    There was an awful incident recently where a woman was deep-fried by her husband. Truly a battered wife.
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    When you get older you can’t just go from one sugar daddy to the next anymore. You have to think about sugarless daddies now.
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    You can't get a pound cake in France, but they make a pretty good .454 kilogram cake.
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    I may not have a pot to piss in but I do have Tupperware, vacuum-sealed and filled with horse ejaculate.
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    Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they Dollycould, they didn’t stop to think if they Dollyshould.
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    Here’s a hot tip, now how’d you like to see the rest of it?
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    My tokens maybe fungible but my toilet isn’t plungable.
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    Bees make the honey so mommy makes the money.
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    I worry that as we go into summer people will let their guard down and take less precautions and people are going to die from Piranhas.
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    Medusa, are you sure these strategically placed googly eyes will make me rock--HUZZAH! it's not that kind of show ...
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    I have no idea how to embed this properly
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