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    This movie isn't quite in the podcast's wheelhouse, but I think it's worthy of a look. For Richer or Poorer is a 1997 comedy starring Tim Allen (who was still starring on Home Improvement) and Kirstie Alley. It's a fish out of water movie, where two high powered New York business people hide out from the IRS in Amish country. The movie is a mess, both conceptually and in terms of execution.
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    People forget that the colon is the third largest erogenous zone.
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    Oh man I completely forgot our catchphrases were due today.
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    It is a tale/ told by an idiot, full of fastness and fury/ signifying that cars are sweet
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    Please. I prefer werewolf, not wolfman. Let’s leave my gender out of this.
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    I’m not the one who wants to get nasty, Mr. Thicke.
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    Hey all, Producer Devon here. Of course making Closing Up The Plug Bag remixes from the episode audio is a tried and true tradition, but just in case anybody wants to take Scott, Ben and Horatio's individual tracks to reassemble them with a little more control, here are the stems! Happy remixing! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/18tgr7pewbheztu/AABeubapmIuGFZ6NrHomQ1RVa?dl=0
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    Yawn like no one is watching
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    Hi, I'm Molly. This is my friend Mary Jane, and that's my cousin Opioids McPCP. She's an alcoholic.
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    I dig two graves before I dig two graves, and then I dig two more
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    Hello neighbour, hello friend, come hither and hear about my grisly end.
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