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    "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair" barked the dog, while my Roomba dragged its turd across the carpet. Nothing beside remains. Grounded in and decaying.
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    James Bond? That guy's so British he's more like James Pond (Across the)
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    If a new catchphrase is what ye seek, then read this forum 'tis full of geeks.
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    My grandpa, a doorknob polisher, always used to say “Knob jobbing is like any other art form: You get paid to suck dick.”
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    If keeping time is hip, then consider these implants a metronome.
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    Worlds collide as Ben, Horatio and Scott join forces with Don't Stop Or We'll Die.
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    Whats going on with Jupiter? That red spot never used to be there.
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