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    Forgive me if this isn't placed in the right post, I hope you like my remix of the Closing up the Plug Bag theme. Short and sweet! Clo-pen Up The Plug Bag!
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    It's morphin' time! But into responsible adults with careers
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    Maybe she's born with it. Maybe she'll carry it with her to the grave, the unfathomable weight of formless guilt. No, wait. It's makeup or something.
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    I swear my balls are taking turns on which one's gonna be in the middle. Feels braided down there
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    I missed the dog and pony show but made it to the do-si-do.
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    Oh my little butt feels so good right now!
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    The cyclical pickle frisked a mean nickel fiscally, while I lay listless.
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    A humble first submission for the closing theme
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