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    At my house, we throw out pizza extra good so that I don’t pick it out of the garbage later.
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    I bought a pedometer but it just keeps flashing the word "probably"
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    Dunston Checks In, but he doesn't check out
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    For Sale: Baby shoes. I make baby shoes.
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    If Paul Simon married Aaron Paul his name might be Paul Paul.
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    The shark begged for chum, and I chame all over his face
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    It's not chivalry, it's chigiorno
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    When Jesus was washing his 12 Apostles' feet, how do you think he hid his boner
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    You chicks think your pussies are soooo great.
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    I’m a dancehall queen cause my moves so clean
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    He died doing what he loved: jerking it in his car while driving
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