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    I prefer this to Jaws myself. It's not fighting a shark, it's survival. I prefer that immensely and think it opens up many more levels. I get that Jaws was the first, but I think JP has more to it - deeper levels like ethical quandaries. I also think it's scarier, tbh. I know Jaws is like a prototype scary blockbuster but I don't find sharks scary; hyper-intelligent mean dinosaurs though? *shivers* I'm not sure if JP is the best blockbuster or not, but if there has to be a Spielberg blockbuster, I'm picking Jurassic Park.
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    Somewhere out there, there's still whole rooms of people who Zack Morris never unfroze
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    I’m Talks Aloterman, and you’re listening to Blahbedy Blah Blah.
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    As my grandpa said on his deathbed, "Get me off of this deathbed!"
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