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    It won't be the same, but I'm grateful for the time we had. Thank you for your hard work.
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    Stubblety-Cook? No thanks, I shave.
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    tl;dr: This forum will be shutting down on August 1. If you want to submit new Plugs Themes, sign up for a Twitter account and tweet them to @CBBPlugs. Why is this happening? The forums are on their last legs. Participation here has fallen off a cliff in favor of Reddit, Twitter, the HDTGM Discord, etc. The service the forum uses to send email is being phased out, which means members are already having trouble signing up/logging in and these problems will only get worse. Without constant vigilance, the forums are flooded with spam. 50% of new user registrations—more than 200 within the past two months—are from spambots, and I have been forced to hand-approve new accounts and disable private messages to keep them in check. I haven't been able to get any traction with Earwolf on the tech side. Their priorities are understandably elsewhere. After eight years of volunteering, I'm the only admin who still visits the forums and, soon, I won't have time. Why don't you just open up registrations and let the chips fall where they may? Scott still relies on user submissions for Catchphrases and Plugs Themes every week. In fact, 2021 has probably been the best year ever for Plugs Themes! It would be irresponsible for me to retire without providing a path forward. Why Twitter? Twitter handles all of the registrations, emails, and (in theory) spam protection themselves. Scott can easily check the list of incoming Plugs Themes and bookmark the ones he likes. And the @CBBPlugs account can mute anyone who becomes a nuisance. I don't have a Twitter account. You also didn't have an Earwolf Forums account before signing up! I'm Scott/an Earwolf producer and I want access to the @CBBPlugs account. DM me on Twitter and I'll transfer control to you. Thanks for your understanding!
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    This is been fun. I guess I’ll see some of you all on the tweet website.
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    Doh!! I guess I shouldn't have called some MAGA dude a cunt {British usage} and got banned...Thanks for the funny shit in this forum. Peace, all!
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    Well.. Shit. This was a fun time for a while! Thanks for being a Badass!
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    My favourite podcasts are the ones where people are genuinely enjoying themselves, which is why this has become such a favourite of mine. It's not just three amazingly funny and talented people but it's the friendship that's present in every ep. No pressure to do characters or respond to interview questions. Just friends having fun together and talking about life. It sounds like something that shouldn't be so entertaining and yet, it's absolutely fantastic. Thanks for putting this out into the world!
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