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    Thanks Dan! We really appreciate you. This has been a tremendous undertaking. It means the world to us. I’ve fought with Earwolf for a long time to make this a better user experience. I’m sorry they never stepped up. Which is why I locked HDTGM over to discord and the Paul Scheer discord is kinda thriving with a full community and I feel like it can easily house unspoiled. I’d love to build out the boards for unspooled as that’s where I’ve been interacting a lot and we are making a lot of decisions. If anyone wants to help. I can make sure we give you privileges to make it the way you want. I still want it to have autonomy but I also would love to make sure there is a place where we can see what is working and take in everyone’s voices. Let me know. https://discord.gg/YA95ed2k8F
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