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    So have I. I'm more ashamed that I knew the actor you mentioned is Larry Drake without having to look it up.
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    You guys, my waking thoughts this morning were about Dr. Giggles, a slasher film from the early 90s starring the dude from L.A. Law (he was also the bad guy in Darkman). I have a weirdly burning desire to watch it battling with a more rational desire not to. I have not seen or thought about this movie in almost 30 years (since it played on HBO nonstop when I was a teenager). I think I’ve officially become mentally unglued.
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    The Boys help TONY HAWK make the next Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game.
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    I was going to bring up that Zhang Yimou directed this movie! To me it's also a little wild that people now know Zhang as the guy who directs big empty (albeit very colorful) spectacles like this. Hero and House of Flying Daggers are certainly better than this movie but also basically big spectacular action movies with fairly pro-China messages. If you look at his earlier work from the 90s, Zhang once made social dramas that are explicitly critical of China's authoritarianism and restrictions on individual liberty: Ju Dou, Raise the Red Lantern, To Live, etc. These movies are straight up masterpieces, the kind that got him into trouble with the Chinese government but also got worldwide acclaim. To me it's pretty depressing that he's gone from being that guy to the guy who makes junk like The Great Wall. It's like if Martin Scorsese just gave in and started making Transformers movies or something.
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    I honestly forgot today was Monday. Days have lost all meaning and I'm USED to being at home!
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    A vampire who backs bare-assed into a crucifix has hot cross buns.
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    Just watched this thanks to Quarantine; Holy Cow this is bad! No idea if the English dub makes it bad, or if it was just that bad to begin with. Favorite line, “you were beaten last time because of your lack of access to rocks” And just in case you needed another reason to watch, there is a Man-bear with a backpack minigun!
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    JULIE KLAUSNER and AYO EDEBIRI join forces to help Sean with a very special audition.
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