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  1. really funny stuff. Also, looks like boys are on Homer Simpson's Exclamation boys tomorrow. Also also, I think next weeks episode is going to come out on valentine's day
  2. robotam

    Episode 171 - Chris Bannon, Our Close Boss

    I had forgotten my login details. Remembered them. Some good eps recently. Some good eps. Not all. JK (just kidding) all good eps. All good eps. Fun fact: All Goodeps was never in consideration for the name of Bob Odenkirk's character on Breaking Bad. End post. Hey mum! Did you know that you can train Siri to post on the forums just using your voice? *disappointed muttering*. What mum? Did you say something? Shit is this thing still on. Siri, end post. No! Now you've cancelled all of my mail. Why did we give you all of this power? We should have listened to Charlie Brooker. We should have LISTENED! *sobbing*
  3. robotam

    Episode 167 - Ben Rodgers, Our Boo 2016 Friend

    Is The Punishers name a pun? He's kind of an asshole, but he's always frank. Thought I'd start posting thoughts that are tangentially related to the episodes as just saying "That was another great episode of the best comedy thing going on!" was boring.
  4. They should have called it the "this morning hear this" podcast festival, because I heard the podcast this morning. It was good. Hollywood Handboo' is the beast podcast.
  5. While we're sharing vids we edited from an episode of Hollywood Handb''k. Here's the thing I'm most proudest of in the world. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIqdDWRvxhU
  6. Very good. Old fashioned episode, just like mum used to listen to.
  7. If you are wondering why I haven't posted in a while, I will tell you the reason. I have vowed to stop posting until they release a bad episode of H'llywoodHandB. That is why I will not post this reply. My vow will be kept! Keep it up. Although you will never read this, I hope that you know that I love you and think you are doing great!
  8. Read the description of the most recent "How Did this get made?!?" carefully. They don't mention The Skellington's Kiss once. I'm so mad. 4/5. I like Hayes.
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again Hayes, Sean, Cody and Kevin are like a modern day Impractical Jokers. I give this episode a 3.5 out of 3.5, sorry guys BUT I LOVED IT!!!!
  10. y'all see who's been announced as guests for tomorrow's doughboys ?
  11. I know that for a long time this show has been the best podcast. But today it reached perfection. Loved it! 8.5/10
  12. WELL I think it was also good before the boys came on. I like that podcast and I like the Hard boys's voices! So there! But yeah, it was better when H&S (Hayes and Sean) came on, they are really funny. But, it was odd to hear them play characters as I've grown accustomed to listening to their sincere opinions.
  13. More like Jensen Crap. Because this episode made me laugh so much I crapped my pants!
  14. I've not listened to "This American Life" (or should I say I've not "List-ened American Life"?) so I'm not sure if the following picture that I created using my computer is A) Satire Nonsense C) A bad pun D) Offensive E) Been done before F) A picture of the wrong guy G) Any combination of the above PS: Is this worth tweeting? Edit: I meant to type but something went wrong and a sexy sunglasses man appeared. Edit2: What is going on? Have I been hacked? The sunglasses guy is fun, but I really need to type
  15. Only just now got around to listening to this ep. I couldn't do this earlier because my mean mum and dad made me get a job but they don't let you download or listen to podcasts during the job and instead make you do training so you can do the job the way they want you to do it but the training person isn't even there today so you do pointless busy-work and when you are filling some stuff away you cut your finger open on a cardboard box somehow and you think maybe you should just quit the job but you're really afraid of disappointing your parents that have supported you and maybe you should settle down and heck maybe it'll just be for a year or so and next year when you have some more savings you can move to the big city but you're not sure the big city is where you want to be either and so you think you should express all these conflicting feelings but you're having trouble doing so so you think you should just write it all down in a stream of conscience post on the Hollywood Handbook forums but you make an odd choice to make it all one sentence and you don't reread before posting to see if your post contains any sort of through-line or point or indeed is even readable 5star ep!
  16. Thanks, but I wish more people would recognise me for my work as Derek, from 2009's hit show "Untitled Family Pilot".
  17. Dear Hayes, I was wondering who is going to be the guest (OR guests*) on tuesday's episode of Hollywood Handbook. Any information you can provide would be wonderful. Thanks for all the laughs, tell Sean I liked his improv4humans episode. Kind Regards, Michael Rosbotham PS: I'm not sure where to put an asterisk when I'm writing in letter form. *I would also enjoy another guestless episode.
  18. Yeah, I know. I think this is a funny response, but I'm too nervous to just leave it because I'm a wuss. So this is my GOOJFC (Get out of jail free etc.)
  19. I was going to praise this episode in the form of one of those tweets, but that seems like too much effort!
  20. Dear Jen, What would a funny voice sound like?
  21. Dear Jen, You worked on "The Millers". How did Cochran come up with the idea to have spider bite guy's dick?