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  1. ^That's not actually a photo of me listening to the episode. But I feel that this little picture represents my emotion (Good) while I heard the podcast.
  2. Yeah, like 4 pages ago! Also my mix is now downloadable on soundcloud if anyone wants it.
  3. I'm uploading a bad quality version to youtube. I am not a creative soul. I have ruined Annaliese's lovely music. Should be up in a few minutes. Stay tuned. edit
  4. Particularly funny ep!
  5. I did enjoy that! I feel like the forums might be quite active this week. Hayes said I would probably be getting the pro version. I look forward to the day I do. Ps Mike, did you see that Mythbusters where the put A FUCKIN ROCKET ON THE ROOF OF THAT CAR!!!!? I Mean, Wowa wee wa! Am I right?
  6. Downloaded the episode. I'll give it a listen and report back later! It should be good because I have enjoyed previous episodes. Thanks, robotam.
  7. Mike, two parter, Did you ever think of shortening the website from mikelawrencecomedy.com to mikelawrence.comedy? Why not?
  8. Mike, When your mother dropped you as a child, did she find it funny?
  9. OMG! People that were there, was the water REAL!?
  10. That was a most magnificelle amuse-buougche! But I can't wait to get some proper fuckin' food tomorrow, #ImHavinHandbook4Dinner See ya in a year CBB forums. Robotam Out!
  11. More like Midrofl media, because this podcast was funny!
  12. It is April second* and I can now reveal that this post was a prank. I hope no one was too upset and I was just trying to bring a bit of fun and giggily laughs. Understand that I do not ask for your forgiveness, as I feel I do not deserve it. I am not begging you to forgive, but rather forget. Forget this whole thing ever happened, because I plan on doing this prank again next year. Thanks to all those people who have read this post and a special moment of silence to all those who have passed and are no longer with us. A big shout out to all our brave boys fighting over seas, I went to Majorca once and got a bit rowdy too! . I'd like to end this post with a footnote: *Imagine if April was only a second long. You'd have to be very quick witted to do an April fools joke, without yourself looking like a fool by doing it in June!!! EDIT: Genuinely forgot about the month of May.
  13. I don't like Hollywood Handbook. (If it is not April 1st in your timezone disregard this post).
  14. I know one Mic I would like Sean's beard rubbed on. Wink Wink. (BTW My name is Michael)
  15. robotam

    Episode 410 - You Know John Leguizamo

    Really good episode. Hilarious stuff. But no Sean and Hayes doing ads 2 stars.
  16. Inspired by this episode, I wrote and produced a song for Hayes's Birthday https://soundcloud.c...tam1/hayes-bday
  17. Great episode! The songs have been stuck in my head for weeks!
  18. Just checked and as I suspected it's Banshee. One of my favourite shows. It's really stupid, but it has some of the best episodes of any TV shows ever. I'd recommend it.
  19. Chefszki, that's a great impression of Bizarro my dad! Thanks.
  20. Clem Dawg liked one of my posts!
  21. When I was 10 I went to a sleepover. One person brought a video of Austin Powers 2 that they had recorded of off sky movies. When the person who's house we were in's mum came and asked what we were watching, one of my pals thought the movie was called "Shag The Spider."
  22. Hi, I'm currently 5 minutes into the new ep of Trends with Benefits and I thought of a joke. I'm exactly 5 minutes 1 second into the ep, I paused it to come here a post the joke. So, if at like 6 minutes into the episode someone comes up with this joke, Just know that I independently thought of the following joke: I'm not a big fan of fruit, but there's one berry I wouldn't mind taking a bite out off... Angela Lansbury! EDIT: I'm running late for the bus, but NEED to post this one. Who's the one son my father is NOT disappointed in? Gillian Anderson.
  23. I'm not sure anyone was saying you can't make fun of doughboys. Looking back it seems like the people were responding in a playful way. That said, I wouldn't like to be called a dunder-head or not a sweetheart, so I can see why you responded this way. I also wouldn't like to be called a bitch, multiple times, like what you called Mike Mitchell. But seriously don't leave and I hope this doesn't come across as part of a pile on. Maybe you don't like the doughboys talk on here, but it doesn't take up too much space, scroll past it.