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  1. Leaving out the Christmas special of Serial... Smoove Move Dick-Head. EDIT: Sorry I had to be sassy, I'm going CRAZY without a new ep of HHandB.
  2. Thank God It's The New Guardians of The Galaxy 2 Trailer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRVD32rnzOw EDIT: Just realised my mistake. Whoops, I look stupid. I said Trailer instead of Teaser
  3. Prepare for an influx of new listeners after that shout out on I4H!
  4. Standing in the cold outside city hall. Using their precious wifi to download this ep. Take that government!
  5. I really enjoyed listening live, but as it went on I was getting increasingly nervous. I was also incredibly tired (it was about 1:30am my time when the got to me!) Then I thought I was going to be part of a monster call and then suddenly it was just me and the boys. I was too startled to listen properly and ended up giving one word boring answers. Most embarrassed I've been in years. Overall experience 8/10 would call again.
  6. Hey, would this be a good gift for someone who likes socks and cats? I'm worried that if the person tries to wash them, all the ink will run and the weird cloth I used for cat faces might disintegrate.
  7. Well, I think this is a good podcast! I liked this episode! The people were funny!
  8. Make a wish? What is this, the most recent episode of With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus!? or Make a wish? What is this, that foundation I tricked!? PS: Good ep. PSP: Sony handheld device.
  9. If this was a bad sitcom, Blink would now reply with "touchΓ©" and then skizelo would quickly respond "No, tou-ching ."
  10. Cool. Hollywood Handbook is one of my faves, or perhaps my number one fave, I'll never tell.
  11. While the cat's away the mouse will Hayes. I'm not sure what I mean by that. Anyway good ep.
  12. Goldie, What's Kurt Russell like in real life?
  13. Already considering deleting that question.
  14. I was thinking there could be a joke that is like "what's the difference between [bLANK] and [bLANK]?" (But with words instead of [bLANK]s) The joke would have the punchline "One's Jeff Dunham and the others Deaf Jon Hamm." But it MUSTN'T make fun of the hearing impaired. Maybe the punchline could be "One's Jeff Dunham and the others Death, Jon Hamm." But then the joke would need a set up, were you somehow trick the person you are telling the joke to, into thinking that they are the star of Mad Men.
  15. I have a part time job as a man in a shop. Here are labels for two of the things we sell
  16. I watched a few Jeff Dunham clips on youtube to prepare for his ep. #Not4me