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  1. Only getting to watch the rest of the LA podfest video now. At dinner someone told me a story about someone cutting themselves and I fainted. I went to the doctor's and he said I'm fine. Happy birthday to me.
  2. https://www.lapodfes...hive/#hollywood edit: i don't think it cost money. I've just started watching now.
  3. They say that every cloud has a silver lining. But this Mcleod was solid GOLD, BABY! Got2go now, happy birthday to me!
  4. My birthday is on Tuesday (29th of September). I've heard rumours that a new ep of Hollywood H'book wil drop on that very day. That's the best present anyone could ever hope for, but if y'all want to get me something I wouldn't be annoyed (NOT SUPER MARIO MAKER, I ALREADY HAVE THAT!) PS: I'm a bit drunk so I'll say what I should have said a long time ago. Ronnie hog has a really good face. Those little smirks make me laugh a lot. I'd put his face up there with Gregg Turkington's. PPS: With Special Guest is usually pretty enjoyable, sometimes very funny, sometimes not that funny. Womp it Up i really like, but think that some of the running jokes aren't great. Spont I always end up enjoying it more than I think I am going to. I4h great! I also listen to other podcasts but that's a story for another day. EDIT: I'm going to listen to an ep of HWHbook and go to bed. Uni starts back in the morning!
  5. bro lovers is live! EDIT: going to bed will watch the rest at some point in the future.
  6. My big brother showed me the first two episodes of "New Girl" today. I told him that I know all about it thanks to a podcast called Hollywood Handbook and that I was looking forward to seeing Mr Schmidt. This post was by robotam. Peace out
  7. EDIT: nah, I feel a bit uncomfortable about posting what I posted EDIT 2: Don't worry it wasn't anything nasty.
  8. Are Sean and Joe supposed to look like balls and Hayes is the DICK?. Because that's not how mine looks, honestly.
  9. Decided to tinker with Dairy Pillows's T-shirt.
  10. I've heard of "Funny or Die", but "Funny and Informative"!? Well this ep of Hollywood Handbook made me chuckle and learn. I feel I now know everything there is to know about Brandon Content.
  11. I love this game. Bill Gates, rich guy.
  12. I kinda like the Jews circa 1940 too!
  13. Allan, What's the one simple trick to being funny that the comedians don't want us to know?
  14. Allan, On the semi-popular podcast, Comedy Bang Bang, you play the character Ghost Boy. Do you enjoy making people laugh at a dead child!? IS THAT WHAT GETS YOU OFF!?
  15. This question is for Allan, It was my dad's birthday yesterday, would you like to wish him a happy birthday? (His name is David).
  16. Allan, what's it like to be on TV? Fun?
  17. Allan, can I call you Al? and do you like that song? If so please sing it.
  18. edit: c an you delete posts???????????????????????/ #ineedapee
  19. Can't listen yet. Someone is in the shower and I can't listen to Hollywood Handbook while dirty.
  20. Asked and answered. PS: I think Womp it Up is a very good podcast, I'd recommend it.
  21. New episode of Hollywood Handbook drops tomorrow. In it hosts Hayes Davenport (29) and Sean Clements (46?) take a sideways look at the comings and goings of the Hollywood Stars and Suns. Davenport and Clements are then joined by one of their famous and funny friends to 'shoot the shits' and 'do some bits'. They get IN DEPTH and go where others daren't tread. Later the popcorn gallery have their say and ask the guest a few questions (some more serious than others!) and one lucky fan, robotam, is awarded with the pro version. Be sure to download Hollywood handbook, only available where ever podcasts are available.
  22. Are there people that listen to CBB (Comedy Bang Bang) but not Womp It Up? Great ep. Especially the last couple of minutes.