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  2. GUYS! Hollywood Hbook (short for handbook) isn't working for me. The episodes won't play on Earwolf, Soundcloud, Howl fm or Howl app. Other podcasts are working, what's going on!? I still have some episodes downloaded, so I can listen to them, but I want more!
  3. hmm, mikebonetti turned to his pals and said "Seorsumuscardinus Seorsumuscardinus Temporal range: Early Miocene (MN 4–5) Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Rodentia Family: Gliridae Subfamily: Glirinae Genus: Seorsumuscardinus Hans de Bruijn Type species Seorsumuscardinus alpinus De Bruijn, 1998 Species Seorsumuscardinus alpinus De Bruijn, 1998 Seorsumuscardinus bolligeri(Prieto and Böhme, 2007) Synonym: Heissigia bolligeri Prieto and Böhme, 2007 Localities where Seorsumuscardinushas been found. MN 4 localities (S. alpinus) in red; the single MN 5 locality (S. bolligeri) in blue. Synonyms Heissigia Prieto and Böhme, 2007 Seorsumuscardinus is a genus of fossil dormice from the early Miocene of Europe. It is known from zone MN 4 (see MN zonation) inOberdorf, Austria; Karydia, Greece; and Tägernaustrasse-Jona, Switzerland, and from zone MN 5 in a single site at Affalterbach, Germany. The MN 4 records are placed in the species S. alpinus and the sole MN 5 record is classified as the species S. bolligeri. The latter was placed in a separate genus, Heissigia, when it was first described in 2007, but it was reclassified as a second species ofSeorsumuscardinus in 2009. The two species of Seorsumuscardinus are known from isolated teeth, which show that they were medium-sized dormice with flat teeth. The teeth are all characterized by long transverse crests coupled with shorter ones. One of these crests, the anterotropid, distinguishes the two species, as it is present in the lower molars of S. alpinus, but not in those of S. bolligeri. Another crest, the centroloph, reaches the outer margin of the first upper molar in S. bolligeri, but not in S. alpinus. Seorsumuscardinus may be related to Muscardinus, the genus of the living hazel dormouse, which appears at about the same time, and the older Glirudinus. Contents [hide] 1 Taxonomy 2 Description 2.1 Upper dentition 2.2 Lower dentition [*]3 Range [*]4 References [*]5 Literature cited Taxonomy[edit] In 1992, Thomas Bolliger described some teeth of Seorsumuscardinus from the Swiss locality of Tägernaustrasse (MN 4; early Miocene, see MN zonation) as an indeterminate dormouse (family Gliridae) perhaps related to Eomuscardinus.[1] Six years later, Hans de Bruijn named the new genus and species Seorsumuscardinus alpinus on the basis of material from Oberdorf in Austria (also MN 4) and included fossils from Tägernaustrasse and from Karydia in Greece (MN 4) in Seorsumuscardinus.[2] In 2007, Jerome Prieto and Madeleine Böhme named Heissigia bolligeri as a new genus and species from Affalterbach in Bavaria (MN 5, younger than MN 4), and referred the Tägernaustrasse material to it, but failed to compare their new genus to Seorsumuscardinus.[3] Two years later, Prieto published a note to compare the two and concluded that they were referable to the same genus, but different species. Thus, the genus Seorsumuscardinusnow includes the species Seorsumuscardinus alpinus from MN 4 and S. bolligeri from MN 5. Prieto provisionally placed the Tägernaustrasse material with S. alpinus.[4] He also mentioned Pentaglis földváry, a name given to a single upper molar from the middle Miocene of Hungary, which is now lost. Although the specimen shows some similarities with Seorsumuscardinus, published illustrations are too poor to confirm the identity of Pentaglis, and Prieto considered the latter name to be an unidentifiable nomen dubium.[5] Because of its derived and specialized morphology, the relationships of Seorsumuscardinus are obscure. However, it shows some similarities with Muscardinus, a genus which includes the living hazel dormouse, and may share a common ancestor with it, such as the earlier fossil genus Glirudinus.[6] All three are part of the dormouse family, which includes many extinct forms dating back to the early Eocene (around 50 million years ago), as well as a smaller array of living species.[7] The generic name Seorsumuscardinus combines the Latin seorsum, which means "different", with Muscardinus and the specific name alpinus refers to the occurrence of S. alpinus close to the Alps. Heissigia honored paleontologist Kurt Heissig for his work in Bavaria on the occasion of his 65th birthday[8] and bolligeri honors Thomas Bolliger for his early description of material of this dormouse.[9] Description[edit] Measurements[10] Tooth Measurement Affalterbach Oberdorf P4 Length 1.03 0.93–0.97 Width 1.07 1.06–11.2 M1 Length 1.26 1.20–1.29 Width 1.40 1.31–1.43 M2 Length 1.14–1.22 1.21–1.24 Width 1.37–1.50 1.33–1.45 M3 Length 1.05 1.03 Width 1.25 1.19 p4 Length – 0.80 Width – 0.65 m1 Length 1.35 1.25–1.27 Width 1.28 1.26–1.31 m2 Length 1.28 – Width 1.40 – m3 Length – 1.15–1.28 Width – 1.06–1.27 All measurements are in millimeters. P4: fourth upper premolar; M1: first upper molar; etc. p4: fourth lower premolar; m1: first lower molar; etc. Only the cheekteeth of Seorsumuscardinus are known; these include the fourth premolar and three molars in the upper (maxilla) and lower jaws (mandible).[11] The teeth are medium-sized for a dormouse and have a flat occlusal (chewing) surface.[12] S. bolligeri is slightly larger than S. alpinus.[4]" Everyone clapped and cheered. The End
  4. It's a dad joke in that it makes you say, "Damn! Dad joke is one sweet arse joke, yo!1" 1is this racist?
  5. I'm relistening to episode 11 (famous for the segment S+H like to do called Goldie nods and the Three Wheres). It's very funny. You guys should re listen now while it's still free. (I subscribed to the app.) Edit: Jake Bagelnest #Blessed
  6. robotam


    The first time I spoke to Jeff Ulrich was in 2009, at a Hooters in Phoenix, AZ. After putting up with me going on about how great it is, my brother has been making his way through the Comedy Bang Bang archives. He has an android phone but I have an iphone. If I get Howl premium is it alright if I let him borrow my phone to listen to a few episodes? Thanks!
  7. Thanks! Hopefully they get Mr Skipps in next week to sort out this whole Howl misunderstanding. The whole thing was a JOKE scott made on CNN (Comedy Bang Bang) that got OUT OF HAND! (EDIT: just saw that Souprman had already made a similar joke in the thread for the most recent episode of CBB. Ignore this post and just read that one) As for the episode of this podcast (Hollywood Handbook). It was FUCKING PISS MY SHORTS FUCKING FUNNY!
  8. I'm going to bed now and the new episode should be out by the time I wake up. If you want to answer me in the next thread, I'd be happy enough with that.
  9. I just got back from Scotland, they have some thing on at the minute. There's some funny people doing shows. The boys should try to get some of them to be guests on this podcast. I think Bridget Christie or Daniel Kitson might be good fun. Who should I email my suggestion to? Who books the guests? Brett? Mr Skipps?
  10. Guys! Some pubs have free wifi! Episode downloaded baby!!!!
  11. My internet is terrible at the minute. I probably won't be able to download the episode until next week. Could someone please tell me if it's a good one?
  13. Dear sharps, can I call you sharps? Yours, forever and always, robotam.
  14. I never understood why star ratings only go up to 5. You look at the sky on a clear night and you'll see tons of those things. 5 stars!? Try 500! What do you guys think, should I use this in my standup act ?
  15. Happy Bday Sean and I don't mean the thing for washing your butt in. Great episode and I was Howling* at the Cecil bit so much people might have thought I was an Earwolf-Wolfpop listening app! I think this is my 100th post I've watched 3 minutes of Sean's bday video. And I don't mean a video of a thing that washes his butt. I'll watch the rest now. I think that's everything I wanted to say. *with laughter EDIT: watched the rest of the video and it was nice and I gave it a thumbs up on youtube. Also I looked it up and those things are spelled "bidet" so you can ignore my jokes.
  16. (God I hope I understand time zones)
  17. Just turned midnight in the UK 6 minutes ago. We get a new episode of Hollywood Handbook today. You American frickers have to wait to tomorrow. #UsnoozUlose
  18. thanks for the help. Anyway this was a funny episode and I enjoy this podcast.
  19. Is it okay to date the ghost of a child if he's been dead for over 18 years? A friend of mine needs to know, URGENTLY!
  20. Nah Norm, It's fucked mate. EDIT: ah. nevermind. That second time I was clicking on my screenshot.
  21. Dear Diary? No, it only cost two pounds.
  22. Deer Diary, SPOILERS: Mum died Lol (Lots of Love), Bambi